Marc Jacobs Leaks Own Naked Photo On Instagram

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Marc Jacobs Leaks Own Naked Photo On Instagram
Marc Jacobs instagram

Doing selfies and posting it on social media sites is not new, but when it comes to Marc Jacobs, posting your face while smiling is nothing but an old style so he did something that will make his 194,000 plus followers roll into their bed.

The 52-year-old style guru seems like he’s too preoccupied on something that caused him to have confusion on using Instagram as he ended up leaking his own nude photo.

While being busy unveiling the stars of his Fall campaign, the top designer mistakenly revealed more than he had intended to as he accidentally pushed the share button on Instagram, sharing to his almost 100 thousand followers his belfie.

After realizing that he just showed his butt to his entire legions of followers, he immediately removed it but not before an eagle-eyed netizen captured it and send it to Gawker.

The photo that was mistakenly posted in public showed Marc Jacobs in a closet room while his boxers pulled down around his ankle, flashing his sculpted butt and his not-supposed-to-be-seen private part with a caption “It’s yours to try!”

The post made by Jacobs seems like he intended to send it to someone through a direct/private message without the intention of posting it publicly and getting attention because of his butt but of course, we know what instagram and instagram users can do if they found out something interesting; like, screenshot, and share/repost.

While many doubted that the man in the picture was Marc Jacobs himself, fans recognizes his gold ring, arm tattoos and red phone case from his other selfies.

In an update made by Fashionista, Marc Jacob himself replied to a couple inquiries in the comments section of another Instagram about his fall campaign.

He unapologetically responded that yes, he accidentally posted a picture of his bare ass and took it down and he is flirting with someone he met on instagram. He meant to send it directly. “Oops, my mistake, I apologize to anyone it offended. I’m a gay man. I flirt and chat with guys on sometimes. Big deal!” he added.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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