Marco Polo Finale Recap: The Heavenly and Primal

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Marco Polo Finale Recap:  The Heavenly and Primal
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Marco Polo” Season 1 Episode 10 “The Heavenly and Primal” is the final episode of the series. The full season has been made available on Netflix as of Friday, Dec. 12, 2014, at 12:01 a.m. Read on for the recap to this last episode for the season.  

Now out of prison and back to Kublai’s goodwill, Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richelmy) gets to work on the trebuchets that the Mongols will use to bring down Xiangyang’s wall. He’s determined this will finally give the Khans the win they have been fighting for. As Marco gets busy, Kublai (Benedict Wong) is meeting with the court to discuss plans for the next battle.

Kublai declares he will head the assault, but Kaidu (Rick Yune) respectfully disagrees with him. He feels his men can lead the war better, given that they have already succeeded in defeating the Chinese, while Kublai’s men, through Prince Jingim (Remy Hii), has failed twice. Kaidu warns his cousin that this war is a gamble. His men are going to march north instead of helping Kublai attack China's east. Kublai is insulted, so he banishes his cousin from his court.

With the falling out, Byamba (Uli Latukefu) and Khutulun (Claudia Kim) are caught in the middle.  She asks her future husband to come with her, but Byamba has to avenge his father first. He promises to his future wife he will be back for her when the battle is finished.

Meanwhile, Empress Chabi (Joan Chen) and the ladies of the court have to put Kokachin to a test. If she would have to marry Prince Jingim (Remy Hii), they need to make sure she’s a virgin. The test required puttin an egg inside her private part to determine if her hymen is intact. If she does not bleed, then she’s not a virgin. But as she slept with Marco in the past (in the episode: “Rendering”), Kokachin had no bleeding. Seeing this, Chabi did the test on her again. But this time, Chabi also makes a small cut inside her to make sure that when the egg is pulled out of Kokachin, blood is present. The ladies of the court are pleased with the result.

Later, despite the guards around her, Kokachin meets with Marco and tells him that they have to leave before she ends up married to the prince. But Marco knows they will be hunted if they do this; they will be running away all their lives. But if he wins the war for Kublai Khan, then they may have a chance together. With this, Marco has another reason to make sure that his trebuchets would work. He also asks Jingim if he could ride into battle with him, but the latter would only agree if Marco would beat him in a fight. The fight ends up in a draw.

Back in Ahmad’s (Mahesh Jadu) quarters, it’s quite clear that he and Mei Lin (Olivia Cheng) are drawn to each other. Will this lead somewhere though? Mei Lin, after all, is still a prisoner of the Khans.

Chabi makes her last bid to convince Kublai to push for peace instead of war. But the Khan is a stubborn man. He wants to conquer China with war, despite warnings from his wife, the elders and astrologers that it will be his downfall.

And so it's time for war. As the Mongols prepare their fancy catapult and trebuchet, Marco and Byamba have one final talk about fighting together as soldiers and brothers. Byamba commends his friend for embracing his Mongolian side.

The Chinese soldiers attempt to stop the catapults with arrows, but their aim fall short. The Mongols are in the right position to shoot the first rock, which misses the mark by a few meters. Marco then orders to make adjustments with the counterweight so that with the second shot, it hits the Walled City exactly as Marco envisioned it. The Mongols cheer, and Marco is pleased his plan worked!

But it would take while for the walls to come crashing, so as the Mongols keep hitting Xiangyang with their catapult, Jia Sidao orders the men to bring the young emperor to the tunnels. Kublai, meanwhile, gets acupuncture in his tent. It’s going to be a long night. In the morning, however, the Mongols finally break part of the walls. But Sidao is not worried. He has his weapon too and instructs his men to prepare. So as the Mongols ride towards Xiangyang with their swords and their horses, the Chinese ran towards them on foot with their guns.

The Mongols get the surprise of their life as these guns hit them. Even Prince Jingim was not spared. He’s on the ground, bleeding from his chest. Seeing this, Byamba helps his brother and orders the soldiers to protect the prince.

But despite the Chinese’s more powerful and faster weapons, the Mongols continue their invasion. Marco reaches the throne room and finds Sidao sitting on the Emperor's chair. He tells the Chancellor it’s time to surrender to Kublai, but Sidao challenges Marco to a sword fight, which the latter was no match for. Marco is almost defeated, but Hundred Eyes comes to his rescue and eventually kills Sidao. The Mongols win the war! Kublai walks towards to the imperial throne, sits on it and orders his men to find the young emperor.

Meanwhile, Jingim, wounded from the battle, realizes that Marco is really on their side. He was wrong about his allegations before. The two bury the hatchet as Jingim finally tells Marco that they're part of the brotherhood. When Marco returns to the Mongol, though, he learns that Kokachin has fled.On the other hand, the able warrior Byamba goes back to his Khutulan as promised.

And Ahmad? He’s been holed up in his quarters with Mei Lin during the battle, as he’s not exactly a warrior. Mei Lin attempts to sneak out of his quarters in the hopes of finding her daughter but ends up mesmerized with the elaborate painting she found on Ahmad’s wall. It had Ahmad beheading Kublai. Mei Lin realizes that Ahmad has an agenda. He was the one who’s been plotting to kill the Khan all along. When Ahmad saw what Mei Lin was looking at, he asks her if she likes what she sees, and she says yes.

There you have it for the final recap of “Marco Polo” Season 1 Episode 10 “The Heavenly and Primal.” The show has been up on Netflix since Friday, Dec. 12, 2014, at 12:01 a.m. How do you rate the season as whole? Would you like it back for a second season? Sound off in the comments below.

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