Marco Polo Recap: The Fourth Step

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Marco Polo Recap: The Fourth Step
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Marco Polo” Season 1 Episode 4 “The Fourth Step” is up on the streaming site, Netflix, as of Friday, Dec. 12, 2014, at 12:01 a.m. See what happened in this episode in the recap below.

Previously in the “Feast," Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richelmy) was bitten by a snake, but as the latest episode opened, he apparently survived the poison, thanks to Hundred Eyes (Tom Wu). Marco was bedridden but recovering from the snake bite. "The Fourth Step" opened with his dream about the Blue Princess and him. They were having sex under her tree. When he woke up, he asked for his sword, but Hundered Eyes told him he was foolish for breaking curfew. He was not going to handle any swords for a while.

Prince Jingim (Remy Hii) came to check on Marco, as ordered by his father, the Khan. He inquired from a groggy Marco what he was doing outside the walls of the city, and Marco said he only wanted to go for a ride as his mind was feeling restless. The prince warned him that he should thread carefully, or else, he will be sleeping forever.

Kublai (Benedict Wong) was getting the most relaxing head massage of his life from Mei Lin (Olivia Cheng) when the prince and his adopted brother Ahmad (Mahesh Jadu) bore good news for him. First, Marco was doing better and will be recovering fully, and next, the Song requested a parlay, which Jingim thought would be good for the kingdom. His brother, however, was against it. Hearing the news, Mei Lin thought of warning her own brother Jai Sidao (Chin Han) and sent for a rider to the walled city in secret.

Jia Sidao had an interesting conversation with the Chinese empress. She was curious about Mei Lin’s whereabouts because she never paid her respects to the emperor when he died. She suspected the concubine was in trouble, but Jia Sidao brushed it off.

Meanwhile, Marco busted into the Blue Princess’ home with the intention of warning her. The snake could’ve been meant for her — Marco thought. But Kokachin (Zhu Zhu) was not in her house, her bodyguard was though, and he insisted the princess was safe.

Jingim was having tea with his wife, and he’s whining again. Why was his father more interested in Marco’s condition? His mother walked in and gave him a pep talk. She told him to be the better man and find a way to tilt the scales to favor him. Then in the deliberation with Kublai’s court, it was decided that the prince will lead the parlay, which made him eager to prove himself. His father, however, was quite condescending. He has not forgotten that Jingim failed in battle the last time.

After some time, Marco’s father finally returned to Khan’s court, bearing gifts to win more favors from Kublai. He did not seem eager to see his son, and in the privacy of Marco’s quarters, the two argued again about why he left his son in the first place. His father and uncle remarked that he was looking and living more like the Mongols he’s with. Marco was not happy to see his father either, so he left the room. As soon as Marco was outside, his dad and his uncle started hiding stuff in his place. They had been illegally transporting silkwood.

Marco was back at the bar to confront the guy who got one of Kokachin’s stuff. He challenged him to a fight, and it turned out that those Kung Fu classes with Hundred Eyes was really doing him good, as he was able to pin down the other guy. He learned more information from him. However, before he could make his next move, Marco was arrested.

The authorities found out about the silkwood in his room, and together with his father and uncle, Marco was chained and brought before Kublai. They will be punished for their misdeeds, and this made Marco even angrier at his father.

At the walled city, the parlay went on without any problems. Jingim was successful in his diplomatic relations. Peace and truce at last! However, Jia Sidao was not aware that this happened. He was excluded by the empress from the parlay, and when he confronted her about it, she said he no longer has a say in the royal court. Displeased by being blindsided, Jia Sidao secretly ordered to have the empress’ emissaries killed as they were returning from the parlay. Peace and truce? The Mongols must be dreaming!  Jia Sidao was also not pleased that his sister sent word too late. So he was going to punish her by binding her daughter’s foot. The poor girl cried her heart out as it hurt too much.

Meanwhile, Kokachin was with Tulga (Nicholas Bloodworth) when Marco was arrested. It seemed the two are actually in cahoots, and it was the princess who set up the snake trap for Marco. She also advised Tulga to be patient because war was coming. What was the cunning princess really up to?

Empress Chabi (Joan Chen) was growing jealous of Mei Lin, by the way, even as the Khan professed his devotion for her. But instead of competing with her, Chabi gave Mei Lin a private lesson so that she could remedy her flaws to please the Khan better. The empress definitely sensed something from this woman, so she's keeping this enemy close to her radar.

That night, Kublai talked to Marco in private yet again, and this time, he made clear that he knew he had nothing to do with the smuggling, as the Khan realized Marco has never been to the city where silkwood was in abundance. The Khan was going to pardon Marco, but in return, he would be the one to decide what to do with his father and uncle. Will he spare them or follow the ways of the Mongols?

There you go for the recap of “Marco Polo” Season 1 Episode 4 “The Fourth Step,” which Netflix has been streaming since Friday, Dec. 12, 2014, at 12:01 a.m.

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