Margot Robbie explains why sex scenes with Leo were ‘the least romantic thing’

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Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Dicaprio personally headed down to the White House to hand deliver a screener of their new movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Now we all know what the President will be watching over the weekend on his DVD player.

Before making his way down to DC, DiCaprio was at the Four Seasons restaurant lunch for the movie along with the cast and crew including, Margot Robbie.

Margot Robbie states that the sex scenes with Leonardo were the least sexy and least romantic in experience. Why?

She explains further that during filming of the intimate scene, they had to get a dog up to the bed (the dog was part of the scene) and they also had to get the dog to nibble at Leo’s feet. Therefore, the two actors were surrounded by dog trainers who put chicken liver on the actor’s feet in order for the dog to nibble at them. This explains why Robbie describes the experience as the least sexy and least romantic.

Margot Robbie: “The whole thing ended up being quite comical,” said Robbie, whose love scene with Leo involves a barking dog on their bed.

“We [had to] entice this dog to jump in the bed and bite at Leo’s feet . . . so we had dog trainers at the end of the bed [with] dog treats . . . we’re putting chicken liver on Leo’s toes. We’re in a small room, it’s hot, it’s sweaty, it smells like dog food.”

Source: FoxNews

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