Margot Robbie in fear of getting sued after slapping Leonardo DiCaprio on set of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’!

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“The Wolf of Wall Street” is going to be one of the most hyped and we hope and pray that our pal Leo gets an award for this one. Why? You ask. Well Leo while making the movie had to literally step out of his own character to perform his role in order to properly and accurately portray his character.

Martin Scorsese’s movie is one in which Leo had to overcome multiple challenges. Beginning with the fact that for the movie, Leo had to insert a copious amount of drugs into a certain orifice of a woman.

Apart from that, DiCaprio also had to support his co-star Margot Robbie to aid a sex scene that was being shot for the movie. This was a real struggle as there was a dog (intended for the movie) who was constantly licking both the star’s feet. Margot Robbie deemed it as the least romantic of all she’s ever had.

However, a more recent issue of Margot was that she thought she was going to get sued on the set of the movie. She, for her role, had to slap Leo in the face and after that said, ‘F— You’. She described the environment after as extremely quiet and then a burst of laughter.

It was good news in the end as everyone loved it and Leo also appreciated it saying that it was ‘Brilliant’. However, during that awkward moment of silence, Margot really thought that she was going to get sued from either Leo or the cast and crew. What can we say, Margot is just a really good actress.

Source: ibnLive

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