Maria Sharapova Honestly Admits To Taking Doping Medicine

By Rituparna Ghosh | 2 years ago
Maria Sharapova Honestly Admits To Taking Doping Medicine
Maria Sharapova

Tennis star Maria Sharapova has been suspended by the International Tennis Federation for two years. She was detected positive at a test result to Meldonium at the Australia Open in January.

Meldonium is a drug that helps a sportsman to enhance endurance and rehabilitation. This is listed as a banned substance from this year only.

During a press conference, the 29-year-old sports celebrity has been brutally honest about the issue. She admitted that she did not cheat anyone and that she is solely responsible for not being able to pass the test. She accepted that she is taking this drug for her health related problems since 2006.

“I did fail the test and I take full responsibility for it,” the Russian tennis player said in an interview with People Magazine.

Another sports person Serena Williams said that people were very happy that she has admitted her deed and also took a lot of courage to admit the list of things she neglected.

As the news broke out on Wednesday, June 8, the International tennis champion decided to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Sharapova took to social networking site to justify her suspension for two years since March.

“Today with their decision of a two-year suspension, the ITF tribunal unanimously concluded that what I did was not intentional. The tribunal found that I did not seek treatment from my doctor for the purpose of obtaining a performance enhancing substance,” Sharapova on Facebook according to Us Weekly.

The Singles Grand Slam winner continued that the tribunal concluded correctly that she did not dope intentionally to break the rules. However, she would not accept the unnecessary two years of suspension and that she would take this matter to the higher authority of the Court of Arbitration.

She further added that she has missed tennis and the loyal fans terribly. She read all the letters and social media posts. She added that she’s extremely grateful for all the love and support she has received during her difficult time.

The silver medal winner at the 2012 London Olympics also said that she would stand by what she thinks is right and will fight back to come back to the tennis court as soon as possible.

Rumors were making rounds that Maria Sharapova might retire due to this issue. Addressing the rumor she said that if she had to retire she would not have retired secretly in a Los Angeles hotel.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Maria Sharapova

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