Maria Sharapova Uploads Sexy Pictures On Instagram Before US Open 2015

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago

Maria Sharapova uploaded sexy pictures of herself on the Instagram to show that she had gotten over ex Grigor Dimitrov and was single and ready to mingle. Read ono for more details.

Readers will obviously have heard the news that Maria Sharapova is single again. According to Kpopstarz, the Russian tennis star has broken up with Dimitrov right before the US open 2015. This will give her ample opportunity to party and look around at the US Open 2015, and she might even find someone she’d like to keep around.

Her boyfriend of two years, the Bulgarian tennis player, has been underperforming at all the matches and this has apparently forced Sharapova to look elsewhere for romance and glitz. The fact that the two lovers were moving on was made apparent when, the 27 year old Russian beauty went on a vacation without him. This was a clear indication that they were moving towards their split. Apparently, the Bulgarian player needed a break too. He obviously needs to concentrate on his game this season.

According to E! Online, Dimitrov declared that he would like to wish his ex-girlfriend “nothing but happiness.” Aww, isn’t he the bigger person and he was even okay in forgiving her.

“We experienced wonderful moments together. I wish her much happiness and success in life and in tennis.”

He declared that at the present time he was concentrated entirely on the game and he was sure that the results will soon change for the positive.

“This is the summer of a new beginning for me.” We sure hope so, Dimitrov!

At any rate, the new Instagram picture just goes to show that Maria Sharapova is leaving no stones unturned when it comes to declaring that she is single and available. We here at MNG wish her the best of luck and happiness.

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Photo Source: Maria Sharapova / Instagram

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