Maria Shriver Forbids Son Patrick to Bring Miley Cyrus Over for Christmas

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Maria Shriver Forbids Son Patrick to Bring Miley Cyrus Over for Christmas
Maria Shriver at a ceremony for Jane Fonda to have her hand and footprints inducted in front of Chinese Theatre.

Christmas is a special time for gathering in family reunions and for spreading peace within us all. Unfortunately, not everyone can spend it together with their loved ones. And the same thing’s likely going to happen with Patrick Schwarzenegger.

News of her son Patrick going out with Miley Cyrus still does not come easy to Maria Shriver. According to an exclusive report from, Shriver was reported to be disgusted upon seeing the pictures of Cyrus’ birthday party.

On a Dec. 8, 2014 report from The Economic Times, Shriver and her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger think of Cyrus as a bad influence to their son.

 “Maria has warned Patrick that Miley might become a bad influence… Arnold has come down pretty hard on the relationship too. He doesn't like the type of fame Miley attracts and isn't keen on that sort of relationship for him,” a source told Closer magazine.

Now, with the annual Kennedy Christmas celebration coming up, Shriver, being a member of the Kennedy family on her mother’s side, is obliged to go with her family. According to Life & Style, she banned her son from bringing Cyrus along to the family celebration.

 “Maria doesn’t want her there and won’t budge. She doesn’t think it’s appropriate to have Miley around the rest of the Kennedy family.” As expected, Schwarzenegger reportedly didn’t take it well. The source says, “Patrick insists on having her there – or he will not come,” an insider told Life & Style.

Apparently, this adds up as one of the many arguments the mother and son have been getting on regarding Cyrus. “They’ve been talking less and less. Every time they do talk, it ends up in an argument where Patrick is defending Miley.”

However, Life & Style’s claims were said to be false. A source close to Shriver, however, denied the speculations.

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