Mariah Carey Gets Emotional During ‘Hero’ Song

By Christine Torralba | 3 years ago
Mariah Carey Gets Emotional During ‘Hero’ Song
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Edwards | Mariah Carey at Edwards Air Force Base in Dec. 1998

For many people, Christmas proves to be the most emotional time throughout the year. And just like most people, it can be the same for celebrities too. Mariah Carey proved she is no stranger to how emotional the season can be.

On Monday evening, the 45-year-old icon performed her famous Christmas hits at New York City’s Beacon Theatre Show. During her performance, the recently divorced singer struggled to keep her composure. Especially with all the emotional toll her split from husband Nick Cannon this year, it seems like it’s finally reflecting on the singer’s performance.

While performing her “All I Want For Christmas Is You: A Night of Joy and Festivity Show” concert, Carey apparently lost a shoe on stage. She took off her shoe and held it on her left hand while she clutched her gold mic on the other. On another awkward incident, the microphone pack fell off the singer’s glittery gown. To this, the singer said, “I’m sorry—cut!”

This prompted her assistant to run on stage and help with the malfunction. Afterwards, the singer continued on where she was distracted.

Most importantly, the singer struggled to hold back her tears. While she was performing her hit song “Hero,” Carey could not control her emotions. Despite being excited for the first of her six shows, Carey wasn’t able to control her tears from falling.

For the most part of the performance, Carey was able to keep herself composed. Before her concert, the singer tweeted: “Getting ready for opening night! #rehearsals #festivetimes #lambily #tistheseason.”

During her performance, Carey looked stunning in a low cut white dress completed with silver beading. Her hair was down in long curls and surrounded her shoulders as she serenaded a lively version of Santa Claus. Later on during the night, Carey changed into a low cut red gown paired with shimmering bracelets and elbow-length gloves.

As reported by The New York Post, Carey’s 80-minute show featured a gospel choir, ballet troupe, carolers, acrobats and a number of hyperactive kid singers and dancers. Sadly, some criticism was left after the event. A few remarks mentioned that Carey struggled for breath and was having trouble hitting her high notes, a trademark the singer had made for herself.

With this as the first of six other performances, we hope Carey will be able to regain her composure and do better with her singing.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Edwards




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