Mariah Carey Is Looking For Breast Reduction! Diva Wants To Look Beautiful For James Packer

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Mariah Carey Is Looking For Breast Reduction! Diva Wants To Look Beautiful For James Packer
Mariah Carey

What is it with women and their breasts? Apparently, the celebrated coloratura soprano singer Mariah Carey is worrying that her breasts may not be enticing enough for her current partner, James Packer, and is looking out for breast reduction surgery to look good for her beau.

Mariah Carey is a diva, and everything she does is grand in every way. But apparently, she still lacks in self confidence on several fronts. There have been allegations about the songstress drinking too heavily before. And now a new report by Ok! Magazine reveals that the singing sensation is looking for breast augmentation, because she isn’t satisfied with the way they look. I mean, lady, get some confidence! You would be a diva even if you put on ten pounds! There’s so much going for the lady, but apparently she still isn’t satisfied with what she got.

Mariah Carey criticized her breasts by saying that they are too spread out and plastic looking. But we disagree. She has a good voluptuous figure and the breasts complement her physique nicely. She might end up making her body too thin. We can’t imagine Mariah without a full figure as much as we can’t imagine beyonce’ with white hair.

We also got the whiff of the news that Mariah is looking into breast reduction, because her beau, James Packer had only skinny wives. What’s wrong with you, girl? He picked your curves over those skinny girls, so you obviously won! Don’t get jealous over the past. Maybe he likes you better with those curves. A woman should never let go of her self confidence over a man. You got to learn to respect yourself first, Mariah!

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Photo Source: Facebook / Mariah Carey

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