Mariah Carey shuts down the door for Nick Cannon in new song

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago

It seems like there is no turning back for the American rapper Nick Cannon and his R&B ex-wife Mariah Carey. The 45-year-old pop singer released her new song ‘Infinity this Sunday and as far as the lyrics are concerned, they are directly pointed towards her ex-husband of seven years, Nick Cannon. The new song feels like the classic 90’s song penned by Mariah but this time the axe of words are pointed towards her ex.

The couple filed divorce after seven years of marriage and ever since then Nick Cannon has always spoken kind words about the mother of his fraternal twins. Last December, he tweeted that he can say nothing bad about Mariah and he is indebted for her love and support. But after the new song, we think that things might change up a little.

The lyrics of the song follows as, “Name hold weight like kilos/ Boy you actin’ so corny like Fritos/ wouldn’t have none of that without me, though”. And fans of Mariah Carey are speculating what’s next in store for Nick Cannon after this song.

Mariah’s fans from across the globe are asking her that if she writes her own songs or does she have a line of producers/writers to write lyrics for her? Because if it’s her writing then it would make us question about the break up with Nick Cannon, which was supposed to be all adult and mutual. And if it’s a writing team, then the writers are just drumming up sales by making this seem like it is Mariah Carey sending a message to her ex-husband. Either way, fans are very outrageous about the choice of the words used in the song.

‘Infinity’ is all set to be directed by Mariah’s old time friend, Brett Ratner, the director with whom she was linked earlier this year. Well, we know the lyrics and we understand her pain, now we have to wait for the video to come. This new song of Mariah Carey really took us back to the 90’s.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Mariah Carey

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