Mariah Carey’s Sister Alison Carey Locked Up In A Psychiatric Ward Against Her Will: ‘Tell Mariah To Get Me Out!’

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago

Mariah Carey’s sister Alison Carey has been allegedly locked up in Long Island psychiatric ward in New York. Alison claims that she is being held in the hospital “against her will,” in an interview.

According to Radar Online, while Mariah Carey is on the headlines over her new romance relationship with billionaire James Packer, her 54-year-old sister Alison who has been admitted in a psychiatric ward at the Long Island hospital, claims that she does not wish to be held up in the hospital, in an interview with the source.

The former prostitute was hospitalized three months back, after she suffered a severe head injury due to attack by a mysterious man who also stole her jewelry from her apartment.

Alison, a reported heroin addict, said that she does remember the mysterious man taking her jewelry even though she does not remember anything about how the man was at her home.

During the interview, Alison Carey declared that she is at the hospital for three months “against her will.” She also added that her famous sibling Mariah has not done anything to get her out from the hospital.

She also said that she needs a lawyer to come out of the hospital as she claims that she is absolutely fine and that there is no reason for her being hospitalized in a psychiatric ward for three months. She also admitted that the hospital staffs injured her rib cage while restraining her when she refused to take a sedative.

The miserable Alison Carey begged to tell her sister Mariah to get her out of the hospital, during the interview. She also added that her sister should know what has happened to her.

The source reported that Mariah was hanging out with Packer, an Australian billionaire, in Spain and Italy. The R&B superstar was then spotted in Jerusalem with her four-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan.

Mirror reported that Alison has been separated from Mariah, and has not been allowed to meet even her four-year-old twins.

Will Mariah Carey take Alison Carey out of the Long Island hospital? Let us see how Mariah responds to her sister’s interview.

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Mariah Carey

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