Marion Cotillard Believes Feminism Has No Place In The Industry

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Marion Cotillard Believes Feminism Has No Place In The Industry

Marion Cotillard is one of the best actresses of our times with excellent performances in “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Two Days, One Night” and in the upcoming “Macbeth.” She recently, got down to stating her beliefs about one of the most raging issues, Feminism.


According to MailOnline, the actress who has been promoting her soon to release “Macbeth” spoke about feminism and how she believes that feminism does not create equality, rather it separates men and women especially, in the film industry.

She stated that filmmaking is not about gender and how she feels that the actual fight should be for women’s rights and not separating them from men. She also explained that this difference between the two sexes is what raises creation and love. Following the comments she also stated that she does not count herself as a feminist.

In other news, the actress also happened to speak about her soon to release movie “Macbeth” where she will be seen in the role of Lady Macbeth. She stated that normally whenever she starts to shoot a movie, she freaks out, but during the filming of “Macbeth” she experienced severe panic attacks, which were physical and intense in nature.

Luckily, she was aware of the symptoms so she knew what was going on with her. On her personal life, she stressed on the fact that how her son Marcel has become her priority and how she puts him before her work. Following her new role as a mother since 2011, the “Macbeth” actress admitted that it becomes difficult for her to stay in character as soon as she leaves the set.


Guardian stressed more on the “Macbeth” star’s opinions on feminism that happen to echo by what Emily Watson once said at the San Sebastian film festival. The media outlet touched on the struggles Hollywood has been experiencing with regards to gender equality.

According to the statistics by University of Southern California, women make up only 30.2% of all speaking or named characters in the Top 100 grossing films. Slowly and steadily this issue is becoming a raging one following the comments that many top actresses in Hollywood have made about it. “Macbeth” releases on October 2nd.

Photo source: Facebook/The Dark Knight Rises

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