Marion Hugh ‘Suge’ Knight And Katt Williams Convicted For Stealing Photographer’s Camera

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Marion Hugh ‘Suge’ Knight And Katt Williams Convicted For Stealing Photographer’s Camera
Katt Williams

Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight and Katt Williams have been found guilty of stealing a camera from a celebrity photographer. The 50-year-old producer and 44-year-old comedian attacked a female photographer in Beverly Hills in September 2014 and had been facing trials in court since then. Their cases were being fought by attorneys, Thomas Mesereau and Shawn Holley, respectively.

On Tuesday, Los Angeles Superior Court Ronald Coen gave the verdict that all the evidence proved that Knight and Williams had robbed the photographer of her camera. Knight was also facing a separate charge for giving threats to the victim before attacking her. He has been found guilty for it also. (via Mail Online)

The attorneys of Knight and Williams said that their clients were only trying to prevent the photographer from taking pictures of Knight’s young son.

Mesereau, the lawyer fighting the case on behalf of Knight said in the court that his client had not snatched the camera from the photographer or even touched her and that it can also be proved by watching the surveillance footage. He claimed that the Death Row Record co-founder had only stopped Leslie Redden and the other photographer who was with her, to not to photograph his son.

Mesereau supported his client by saying, “Any father would have acted as he did.”

Shawn Holley, the attorney Williams said that his client took possession of the photographer’s camera after it was taken by some unknown and anonymous lady who appeared from the group that was accompanying Knight and Williams that day. Holley said that his client only took the camera from that lady to delete the pictures of Knight’s child. The child had come along with his father to Beverly Hills studio that day.

Both Knight and Williams would appear for trial again on October 27 as they have pleaded not guilty.

Photo Source: Facebook/Katt Williams


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