Mark The Date For Aldub! Alden Richards To Formally Court Maine Mendoza ‘Yaya Dub’ What Can Fans Expect?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Mark The Date For Aldub! Alden Richards To Formally Court Maine Mendoza ‘Yaya Dub’ What Can Fans Expect?

Aldub will take their dating relationship to the next level! Alden Richards can finally see and court Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza at the mansion of Lola Nidora this Saturday, Sept. 26.

Yesterday, Sept. 24, Yaya Dub’s employer, Lola Nidora finally granted the blessing for Alden Richards to begin courting her within the confines of their home. According to PhilStar, Lola Nidora made the announcement by presenting cupcakes with letters on top. Upon arranging these cupcakes, the word ‘M-A-N-S-Y-O-N’ (Translation: Mansion) was formed. She then clarified she is now willing to open the doors of her mansion for him to visit Yaya Dub.

“Alden, I welcome you to my mansion.” she gleefully said.

In a report from Inquirer, Lola Nidora explained why she is inviting Alden. The two have proven that they are responsible enough to know the limits. She reminded them on the importance of trust.

Viewers were filled with so much euphoria after hearing this news. Many fans have expressed their hopes and predictions for that day. Everyone just wants to pull the hours closer until the next day comes. But come to think of it, what can possibly happen on Saturday?

Deeper Eye Contact

For the very few chances they met personally in the past, there is no denying how their eyes brighten upon seeing each other in close proximity. Their eyes suddenly became the Milky Way Galaxy filled with the most lustrous stars. Probably on Saturday, the whole universe will be trapped completely in their eyes. He may look at her like how Cinderella stood out from the crowd. She may look at him similar to how Prince Charming asked for a dance. They might be locked in longer stares especially for that surreal moment.

Striking Sunny Smiles

Although their smiles are present in all the happy episodes of “Kalyeserye,” it is relatively easy to distinguish the kind of smiles the Aldub pair have upon seeing one another. With the short time they have, the AldubNation witnessed the special smiles painted on their faces. Since they are given the opportunity on Saturday to have a longer time to spend together, their striking and sunny smiles may be seen again. They might feel time will suddenly pause in that moment and they are brought in a new world only meant for them…hoping it will never come to an end.


Yaya Dub’s Mystery Voice

Maine Mendoza’s ticket to becoming a part of the “Eat Bulaga” family is through her viral ‘dubsmash,’ videos which were viewed and shared by thousands of online users. Therefore, the character of Yaya Dub is consistent with dubsmashing to different songs and lines to express her thoughts and emotions since the series started last July 16. But in the previous episodes this week, there were glimpses of the mystery voice which fans hope is hers. Saturday might mark another major turnaround in the story if ever she will be heard talking or even singing. Her voice could be as sweet as the nightingale’s hum. Her voice will absolutely fascinate the fans’ attention and of course, Alden’s heart.

First Ever Gesture of Holding Hands

When they had their first date last Sept.19, Lola Nidora’s clear rule is not to have any form of physical contact. They both obliged and won her trust. Now that they were granted this second date, there might be a slim chance they may hold each other’s hands. Still, it will depend if Lola Nidora allows them. Imagine if they can do so, Alden will gently clasp Yaya Dub’s hand. They might feel another special form of spark. Their split-screen chemistry is already astounding so this moment will indeed be overwhelming.

Movie News Guide asked for insights from some fans for Aldub’s upcoming second date this Saturday. Here are some of their replies:



How will the Aldub love team seize the moment? Will Alden Richards be at a loss for words? Will Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza see chivalrous acts from him once again? Let’s all find out this coming Saturday. Mark your calendar!

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