Mark Hamill’s Possible Return As The Joker In ‘Batman: The Killing Joke;’ Fans Excited

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Mark Hamill’s Possible Return As The Joker In ‘Batman: The Killing Joke;’ Fans Excited
PHOTOGRAPH: Rajlaxmi | Mark Hamill expresses desire to voice The Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke

In an interesting turn of events, Mark Hamill has expressed his interest to voice the iconic DC Universe villain, The Joker, in the upcoming Batman movie, “Batman: The Killing Joke.” Mark Hamill, 63, has previously voiced The Joker on numerous occasions, including “Batman: The Animated Series” and the video games “Batman: Arkham Knight” and “Batgirl: A Matter of Family,” and is widely regarded by fans as one of the best actors to portray the maniac nemesis of The Dark Knight.

While speaking at the “San Diego Comic Con,” creator Bruce Timm confirmed that “Batman: The Killing Joke” will definitely be made into a full feature film, hitting the theatres sometime during 2016. However, even before this, fans have expressed their wishes, as per DC Comics, to have Mark Hamill voice the Joker if ever the movie was made. Even Hamill has responded to a fan’s tweet personally stating that he is all there with fingers crossed.

Mark Hamill had previously announced his retirement on social media from the role of The Joker after the last “Arkham” game was released. There was a catch though; Hamill also said to The Nerdist that, he would be ready to return if Warner Brothers ever turned the Batman vs Joker graphic novel, “The Killing Joke” into an animated movie. Now that the studio is doing exactly that, there is a strong possibility that Hamill will return as The Joker one more time, sending the chills down the fans’ spines with the characteristic laugh.

The actor has already bagged several awards for his portrayal of DC’s most coveted role, including a BAFTA in 2012 for “Batman: Arkham City.” Let’s keep our fingers crossed for what would be an excellent piece of news for the Batman series in general. It need not be a long wait until 2016!

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Photo Source: Facebook/HamillHimself

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