Mark Millar Confirms Easter Time for ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service 2’ Shoot; Not Sure Of Colin Firth’s Joining

By Poonam Singh | 2 years ago
Mark Millar Confirms Easter Time for ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service 2’ Shoot; Not Sure Of Colin Firth’s Joining

By grossing around $406.7 million at the box office across the world, Matthew Vaughn directed movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service” has successfully established itself among one of the best movies adapted so far. And it was already reported that a sequel to the same will also hit the screens, but the main part of the story is when will the shooting for the same will start? Well, Mark Millar declared March next year as the starting time of the shoot for the sequel.

Mark Millar, the famous comic book writer whose comics namely “Marvel Knights Spider-Man,” “Ultimate Fantastic Four,” “Civil War,” “The Secret Service,” “Wanted,” and “Kick-Ass” have already seen silver screens and “Nemesis” movie adaptation is in progress, has announced that the shooting for the second part of his mostly liked comic’s movie adaptation, “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” will start from next year March onwards. He also talked about Oscar Winner and The King’s Speech fame actor Colin Firth as Agent Galahad’s return for the sequel.


Millar said, “That’s the conversation everyone’s having right now, because part of what made that movie work is Colin. Colin’s fantastic, it was a two-hander, that film. You also want to have the integrity of the story, so if you are bringing him back, it has to make sense. That’s where it is at the moment. Beats of the story have been done. [Screenplay co-writers] Matthew [Vaughn] and Jane [Goldman] are working on it at the moment. Some things have to be worked out, some decisions have still to be made and everything, so it’s all fairly amorphous, but all going well. We’re hoping to be shooting in Easter,” reported IGN after a discussion with Kick-Ass writer.


Millar, who previously fought for Amy Adam’s name for playing Lois Lane’s character in the “Superman” reboot, is signaling for doing the same with Colin Forth’s name for the second part of “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” Though, the clear intention of the writer is in his mind only but he hinted towards bringing Forth’s in a twin role. He also accepted that sequel will definitely going to get profit from Forth’s presence but the first thing to keep in mind the integrity of the story with which the makers can’t play.

Well, Forth’s joining the sequel is not clear now but one thing is very clear that even the makers want to introduce him for the same and they are taking time to decide upon it and accordingly proceed further. And if they are planning to start filming the second part from March 2016 then we will surely get some confirmed news soon on the star casts and other things of course. So, stick to this place for more updates.

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