Mark Millar’s Nemesis Film Adaptation Leaves Fox And Moves to Warner Bros.

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Mark Millar’s Nemesis Film Adaptation Leaves Fox And Moves to Warner Bros.

Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s “Nemesis” film adaptation is moving to Warner Bros. Pictures from Twentieth Century Fox. Read on for more details.

According to The Tracking Board, the four-issue miniseries, is published at Marvel Comics imprint Icon. However, contrary to the initial report, the “Nemesis” is owned by Millar, and not Marvel. Still there is curiosity whether FOX that was given the rights to make the film adaptation would pass on the film. However, Warner Bros. has picked up the project. There are also rumors igniting that Warner Bros. and DC Comics were not happy with “Millar’s use of Batman and The Joker in the series’ description,” and hence modified for the film.

“Nemesis” was written by Millar illustrated by Steve McNiven. According to Wikipedia entry of the  film, the rights for the film was initially given to 20th Century Fox. Tony Scott was set to direct the film in association with his Scott Free production company. Unfortunately, he died in Aug. 2012.

Joe Carnahan started working on the screenplay of the film from 2010. He was also set as the director of the film in March 2012. Since then, Joe and his brother Matthew Carnahan started writing the script. In 2013, Miller appreciated Joe and Matthew’s script of his comic book character. Joe and Matthew completed the script in Feb. 2015. Now, in Aug. 2015, it was announced that Warner Bros. would adapt the film.

According to, Ridley Scott’s Scott Free is still producing the “Nemesis” movie. Drew Crevello and Nik Mavinkurve will be on board for production on behalf of Warner Bros. Pictures. It is not sure whether Joe Carnahan who was fixed as the director of the film on behalf of Fox, would still be there or not as the “Nemesis” film adaptation has jumped from Fox to Warner Bros.

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