Mark Ruffalo Interested in Doing Columbo Movie Remake

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Mark Ruffalo Interested in Doing Columbo Movie Remake
Mark Ruffalo promoting The Avengers at the 2011 New York Comic Con. Wikimedia Commons/Marnie Joyce

Between 1968 until 2003, “Columbo” aired as a TV series, albeit only sporadically, and starred Peter Falk. The show was beloved by different generations because Columbo (Falk), which featured a sharp detective like no other, had the right amount of mystery and entertainment. It seems that actor Mark Ruffalo (“The Avengers“) is interested in doing a movie about this iconic character. Read further to know more about this story.

The actor revealed that he was asked about doing a Columbo movie remake a month prior. This fact was divulged in a casual conversation that started on Twitter, with Ruffalo responding to a screenwriter’s pitch. Gary Whitta, who is also working on a “Star Wars” spinoff, joked that a Columbo reboot with Ruffalo in the lead would be great, and surprisingly, he received a reply from Ruffalo, confirming that there have actually been talks about the movie.

Now this idea is not bad at all, considering how Ruffalo does kind of look like Peter Falk whose take on Columbo made him a household name.  Ruffalo can also play the role of a smart but eccentric investigator with ease, as he has done similar characters in the past, in movies like “Zodiac” and “Now You See Me.” He would be a great choice for an updated “Columbo” movie should this happen.

Here’s how that Twitter conversation played out:

Ruffalo mentioned Ed Solomon in his Twitter post, and he’s actually referring to the screenwriter of “Now You See Me,” a movie which had an interesting mystery and twist to it, much like a typical “Columbo” episode.  Aside from Ruffalo, “Now You See Me” also starred Jessie Eisenberg (“The Social Network”), Woody Harrelson (“True Detective”) and Isla Fisher (“Confessions of a Shopaholic”).

But before anything relating to “Columbo” could be set, Ruffalo was quick to say that their planned project may not take off because they don’t have the rights to “Columbo.”  It also looks like a TV show reboot is already in the works.

With more movie stars dabbling in television these days, maybe Ruffalo would be open to the idea of becoming part of the TV show reboot?  What do you think? Would you like to see Ruffalo playing Columbo?

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Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons/Marnie Joyce



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