Mark Wahlberg Embarrassed About ‘Ted:’ Apologizes to Pope Francis

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Mark Wahlberg Embarrassed About ‘Ted:’ Apologizes to Pope Francis

Mark Wahlberg feels guilty for swearing on his hit movie “Ted.” He confessed to his sin when he was addressing the “World Meeting of Families” convention in Philadelphia. Things got really interesting when Wahlberg confessed to having felt guilty because the new Pope, Pope Francis, was also attending the ceremony.

Mark Wahlberg may have done many R-rated movies, but he feels sorry about doing “Ted.” It is not that Wahlberg feels particularly sad about the script or the direction in the movie, it is just that he recently came to know that a 14-year-old boy watched it and liked it. “Ted,” as everybody probably knows, is not meant for kiddies. It is an R-rated movie that touches profanity, drug abuse, and violence.

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The boy, who confessed to having loved “Ted,” performed an opera solo for Pope Francis at the “World Meeting of Families” convention in Philadelphia when the Pope visited the city recently. The boy’s name is Bobby Hill and he had shyly whispered to Wahlberg that he had had the guilty pleasure of watching “Ted.”

If somebody was to draw up the list of movies that Wahlberg has done in the recent past, he or she would arrive at the conclusion that most of these movies are geared towards entertaining adult audiences. So, it was obviously a little surprising and, not to mention, embarrassing for Wahlberg that his movie ended up being watched by a little kid. We think that the teddy bear visual was probably the thing that caught the kid’s attention. Anyway, Mark Wahlberg was really apologetic and the matter can now be forgotten.

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In other news, Pope Francis is on the lookout for Hollywood these days, it seems. The Vatican is showing interest in getting together with the important stars to ensure that the church is portrayed in positive light. It is rumored that such a gathering has been scheduled for fall this year.

Cinema Blend reported the news first.

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