Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Thought ‘Ted’ Would Ruin His Career

By Meghna Subhedhar | 3 years ago
Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Thought ‘Ted’ Would Ruin His Career

Mark Wahlberg told the reporters that his wife, Rhea Durham, thought that doing “Ted 2” will ruin his career. Read on.

In a confessional on Today magazine, Wahlberg confessed that he almost did not do “Ted” because his wife told him it was bad news. She even called him a “fucking idiot” when she found out that he was thinking of accepting the role.

“I was reluctant to even read the script [for ‘Ted’] because it’s about a teddy bear coming to life. How do you pitch that?” Wahlberg remembered.

He tried to pitch it to his wife, to see if she liked it. He did it while they were on their way to the Oscars for “The Fighter.” He was telling her about the talking teddy bear, and she told him ‘You are a f-king idiot.'”

It was a lucky break for his fans that he chose to go with his instinct. “Ted” reportedly earned over $549 million at the box office worldwide.

The actor, however, understood his wife’s concern. He said that it is extremely difficult to determine if a movie would be successful at the box office or not. In the general scheme of things, it’s even more difficult to make a movie successful if the movie is about a grown man’s friendship with a talking bear.

“It’s hard to pitch this movie,” Wahlberg observed.

He said that even with the best marketing people in the world, he would fail with a pitch that basically said, ‘A guy wishes his teddy bear [would come] to life and they hang around and basically watch TV and talk crap about people.’ He admitted that the premise sounded ridiculous.

When his wife finally watched  “Ted” her perception about the film ruining Wahlberg’s career immediately changed. She told him that she absolutely loved it.

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