Markieff Morris Demands a Trade; Claims Suns Disrespected His Brother

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago

Markieff Morris, starting forward and one of the Morris twins, has demanded a trade from The Phoenix Suns.

In a not so shocking move, Markieff has demanded for a trade publicly which is terrible news from a General Manager, even worse than an injury, because all the trade leverage will be affected. “One thing for sure, I am not going to be there,” he openly claimed when asked about Phoenix Suns’ next season. Morris brothers hail from the “City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia and The Phoenix Suns’ will to separate Markieff from his brother Marcus makes his anger justified.

According to, Markieff will continue to train with the Suns until anything is finalized. He states that he will keep up with his professional behavior but he definitely won’t be a part of the Suns when the season begins. More than the separation it is the disrespect towards Marcus that has hurt the twins most. They did a lot for the Suns, even took pay cuts, but in the end Marcus was traded without his consent leaving the twins utterly baffled and disappointed.

Markieff has a controversial image off court with even an assault charge against him, but he is obviously the better out of the twins and at $8 million, the team that gets him would consider it a bargain. He can show off his skills in the training camp and improve his image among possible suitors. Although Suns can cut off on their asset loss by acquiring Taj Gibson and Kirk Hinrich’s contract in exchange for Markieff and a second round draft pick. If they can get Gibson it will be amazing for their defense. The saga will affect The Phoenix Suns though, as they will suffer due to the trade demand by having draft picks to spare.

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