‘Married At First Sight’ Season 2 Spoilers: Same-Sex Couples Can Now Participate In Series

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Married At First Sight’ Season 2 Spoilers: Same-Sex Couples Can Now Participate In Series
Married at First Sight season 2

When the reality show “Married At First Sight” was aired as an Australian television series for the first time in Australia in May 18, 2015, many people started raising their objections for showing “trivializing marriage.”

The show was reportedly called “trivialized” because it promotes a real marriage at first sight and the couples do not even get opportunity to know each other’s backgrounds.

Now it’s turn for another outrage for Aussies as the nation does not legally permit the same-sex couples to wed. “Married At First Sight” has now broadened its concept to introduce the casting of same-sex couples in its second season. It follows the earlier declaration of Andrew Backwell, Nine’s Manager and Director of Production, who confirmed the show would be open to same-sex couples if it proceeded to the next season.

“They have a discreet question under the Partner section that asks the gender of their preferred partner, male or female. That gives them the option at least, to determine if they will make that statement in the show,” a spokesperson (name withheld) from Castasugar agency told TV Tonight.

Applications are now open for the second season of “Married At First Sight.” So, if you want to participate in the program in search of your soulmate, you simply need to fill out an online form answering a few mandatory questions like “seeking relationship with man or woman,” or “describe your ideal partner,” etc.

Everyone experiences love at first sight, or experts call it infatuation, whatever, it is logical to say that a relationship like marriage has a least chance to persist when marrying strangers is concerned. But the idea of accepting the gays in this television series will open another wide-angle door for them to express their opinions and voices to the world.

Of the four couples – Roni and Michael, James and Michelle, Clare and Lachlan, and Zoe and Alex – who were featured on this year’s season one of “Married At First Sight,” only one pair – Zoe and Alex – remain together.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Married At First Sight Australia

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