‘Married At First Sight’s’ Future At Stake: Replaced By ‘Seven Year Switch’

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Married At First Sight’s’ Future At Stake: Replaced By ‘Seven Year Switch’
Married At First Sight

The successful running of the last event of “Married At First Sight” compelled Andrew Backwell to give a thought for the next season where he introduced the entry of same-sex couples. However, the unsuccessful marital relationships followed by the controversies surrounding the couples of the previous seasons create a doubt on the future of “Married At First Sight” Season 3.

Recently, it was revealed that the marriage between Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino is at trash as the husband had allegedly threatened to kill Castro and her family. This is one of the big factors why the show is not likely to come up with another season.

The new show “Seven Year Switch” on FYI could be a better replacement for the controversial series. The new show is an attempt to save the couples’ marriages from collapsing.

According to Flavorwire, “Seven Year Switch” mainly intends on four couples who have been together for a while but are encountering some problems in their relationships. The tile mainly refers to the seven-year-itch period in a marital relationship (the terms is used by psychologists), which is considered as a time when some tend to split.

“These couples will then be switching partners that have been specifically paired by the show’s relationship experts,” Realty Today reported.

The “Seven Year Switch” is not only intended to tap the emotions of the struggling relationships, but to motivate the audiences to contemplate their own lives. Although it prides itself on being experimental in offering fundamental marriage counseling, still it is a reality show.

The “Seven Year Switch” was premiered on the FYI Television Network on Tuesday. Marriage experts Jessica Griffin and Dan Shapiro supervised the experiment in the reality show. It will be aired in eight episodes featuring childless couples: Rachel Farris and CW McGee, Aleshia and Houston Osemwengie, Leah and Neal Carney, and Danielle and Eric Wolf.

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