‘Married At First Sight’ Cancelled? Australian Version Of Series Admits Marriage Is Fake After Petition To Axe Show

By DV Pre | 3 years ago

The Australian version of FYI Network’s “Married At First Sight” was rumored to be cancelled after thousands of advocates had signed a petition calling for the show to be axed. Because of this, the show runners were forced to admit that none of the couples were “legally married at first sight.”

Over 16,000 signatures were gathered since March as the petition suggests the show as “disgraceful” and “morally unsound and should not be aired on Australian television.” The complains generally say that Australia does not care about marriage equality but is totally fine with a TV show that pairs strangers and get them married at first sight. With the overwhelming petition for the show to be shelved, Nine Network, left with no choice, were forced to respond and confesses the program’s secret, which is contrary to the show’s revealing title – None of the couples were legally married.

A representative from Nine Network told new.com.au that the contestants were not actually married, contrary to the original premise of the show.

“In order to comply with the Australian Marriage Act (1961) which requires one month and one day notification, a marriage in law was not conducted, Each participant embarked on a commitment ceremony with a wedding celebrant with all due intention to commit fully to this union for the duration of the experiment. At the end of the experiment, they are given the option to continue with the relationship or go their separate ways.”

Will the network’s admission pacify the critics? What will happen to “Married At First Sight” when everyone already knew that the marriage were staged? But since the TV network still pushes through with the airing of the controversial show, will the show still rate or will it, eventually, go to the shelves?Guess we just have to stay tune in to find out.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Married At First Sight Australia

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