‘Married At First Sight: First Year’ Season 2: Otis And Hehner, Cortney And Carrion In The Show

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Married At First Sight: First Year’ Season 2: Otis And Hehner, Cortney And Carrion In The Show
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Truly speaking, only a handful of people had envisaged that “Married at First Sight” would renew its next season. It is simply due to the tremendous failure in securing the nuptials of those couple who were wedded at the show. Even lot of critics came with the conclusion that marriages without knowing anything about the other party could not sustain for long. However, the showrunner might have a plan to take another chance of setting up the marriages certainly in a different way so that the pairs can lead happy married lives. Let’s see what they have for “Married At First Sight: First Year” season 2.

According to Yibada, the fans and viewers will see the couples – Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, and Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion – from season 1 who have renewed their contract for “Married At First Sight: First Year” season 2. Just a reminder for the readers that they are two of the three couples who tied the knots in “Married At First Sight” season 1 and only one couple separated.

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The couple were reportedly excited and nervous too when they were informed about renewal of the show. Regarding the necessity of the upcoming show, Otis echoed that she and Hehner always felt the requirement of another series just because their relationship were undergoing through “hard stuff” and they had no idea whom to approach for that.

MNR Daily revealed that the first year was not easy for Carrion and Hendrix as they had a maximum argument. However, season 2 could be a period of adjustment for them, but the teaser revealed that Otis and Hehner would have some arguments.

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“Married At First Sight: First Year” season 2 will bring a closer look into the lives of the couples. The fans can learn from those couples who will be highlighted in “renovating residences, contemplating to expand the family and reconnecting with a long-lost relative.”

“Married At First Sight: First Year” season 2 will premiere on October 13, 2015 FYI.

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