‘Married at First Sight’ Jason Knowles Choose Tinder App Over His New Wife Kate Stewart

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Married at First Sight’ Jason Knowles Choose Tinder App Over His New Wife Kate Stewart
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‘Married at First Sight’ Kate Stewart divorced Jason Farnsworth Knowles because of Tinder! It seems like they have already broken the record of having unsuccessful marriages this time around as another couple decided to part ways.

‘Married at First Sight’ now ex-couple Stewart ended her relationship with Knowles after her friend spotted the latter on a dating website, Tinder. After receiving her girl friend’s message, Stewart did not waste any time and dumped her cheating new husband.

According to Stewart’s statement, a friend sent her a message about Knowles’ dating online and this made her declare that it’s finally over!—She needs divorce!

In the program itself, the couple shows that after returning from their honeymoon in Ireland, Stewart and Knowles barely had a chance to spend time with each other because of work. Stewart runs a personal fitness company while Knowles works in the City.

But, to this couple, it seems like work was in the bottom of their lists of problems yet. While Stewart was all geared up to be a wife, Knowles on the other hand still looks like having his on wonderland—busying himself with his Tinder, looking for hiw another uture wife!

“Instead of coming to meet me right now to talk this through, he’s searching for a new wife on Tinder,” Stewart frustratedly said in the video.

This cause her to finally dumped her new husband and let him marry his Tinder application since it looks like Knowles decided Tinder was more interesting than her—than being with his wife and discussing their future plans together.

In a video blog, Knowles admitted that he thinks there was no attraction between them.

This made netizens especially Twitter users to step in. They expressed their annoyance and disappointment to Knowles, stating that who’s in their right mind choosing a dating app over a beautiful lady like Stewart.

Some netizens say that she really hopes that Knowles get rejected a million times in Tinder because of what he did to Stewart. “You bloody idiot!” one viewer said.

Another netizens added that he hopes Jason gets blacklisted on Tinder now. “I’m leaving, I swear!”

What will be the future between these two and the future “Married at First Sight”couples? Speak out in the comment box below.

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Photo Source:Facebook| Married at First Sight

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