‘Married At First Sight:’ Reality Show Couple Shares Future Dreams And Baby Plan

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Married At First Sight:’ Reality Show Couple Shares Future Dreams And Baby Plan
Married at First Sight season 2

This is for the first time as far we can recall someone has found his true love after undergoing stranger’s nuptial at Channel 4’s “Married At First Sight.” We congratulate the couple from the core our hearts. Read on for more details.

Plenty of separations we have seen in the last couple of months, but this is really surprising that Emma Rathbone and James Ord-Hume are still gushing over one another after their six-month-old marriage.

With a short conversation with Daily Mail, the couple shared about their happy lives and lot of new dreams to be fulfilled. The couple was the result of a “social experiment” to find out if science can aid to fall in love or help the couples to find their lasting love. They had been matched by a panel of experts that also included Reverend Nick Devenish (Church of England Priest), Dr. Mark Coulson (Associate Professor of Psychology), Anna Machin (Evolutionary Anthropologist), Andrew Irving (Social Visual Anthropologist), and Jo Coker (Psycho-sexual therapist and psychologist).

“I adore James. We have great fun together. We have a very similar outlook on life and similar dreams,” Rathbone said.

“She’s absolutely great. It feels as if we’ve been together a lot longer than we have,” Ord-Hume beamed the compliment.

Not much months have passed since their nuptial, the couple is not loving each other’s company. They are confident to take it further and they are in talks of another wedding (that could be called blessing) within a couple of months. After that, they have a plan for babies.

“James would have kids tomorrow if he could. He’s a big family man. I’m the one holding back. But in another year or so, well, one may come along. I’m excited about the future,” Rathbone added.

According to Ord-Hume, who is a university administrator, the couple really had great fun since their nuptial. Some of his close friends even said them that their wedding was the best one they had ever seen as everyone undergoes through the common rituals whereas Ord-Hume and Rathbone wedding was just unique.

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