‘Married at First Sight’ Season 3 Cancelled? Experts Blamed For Couples’ Divorce In Season 2

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
‘Married at First Sight’ Season 3 Cancelled? Experts Blamed For Couples’ Divorce In Season 2
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It seems like the “Married at First Sight” Season 3 is in a bit hazy state right now since the result of their second season were not good enough. Instead to have a happy marriage, none of the couples continued beyond the one month trial of the season and panel experts were the ones to blame.

The first season of the show was way too successful since two of the three couples are still together unlike the following season—it was a complete failure!

The panels of the season one were correct in matching the couples and they really brought out the best in them, but what happened to season 2?

All three couples of “Married at First Sight” have separated in the process; Sean Varricchio and Divina Kullar didn’t last long, so has Ryan Ranellone and Jaclyn Methuen. There was even a couple; Ryan DeNiro and Jessica Castro who got in a serious matter to the point where Jessica filed a restraining order against DeNiro. This was after the latter threatened her that he will kill her and her family.

DeNiro recently shared the restraining order issue between him and ex-partner Jessica on his Instagram account. He expressed his distress about the issue and his disappointment at the lies that Jessica is spreading. DeNiro also added that details pertaining to the issue will be revealed soon.

In addition to this, “Marriage at First Sight” has different versions in Denmark, Australia, and in United States and each of these countries’ version has the same fate as the original version. This got the creators and producers of the show rethinking on whether to make a third season of the show.

On the other hand, Chris Coelen, CEO of Kinetic Content and also one of the producers of the show said that even though many criticize the show and their participant didn’t end up together, there’s still large number of willing contestants who want to try their luck in the show.

He insisted that the panels visit different social media sites like Tinder, OkCupid, Match.me and also go to pubs and clubs to know what clicks in the dating scene. The selection process is very transparent and criteria and procedures are very clear to the candidates.

Meanwhile, there’s still no clear decision or official announcement as to whether they will continue making another season for “Married at First Sight” although there are rumors that the producers at FYI are planning to replace the show with an experimental series “Seven Year Switch.”

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