‘Married at First Sight’ Season 3 Is Speculated To Be Replaced By ‘Seven Year Switch’

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
‘Married at First Sight’ Season 3 Is Speculated To Be Replaced By ‘Seven Year Switch’
Married At First Sight

“Married at First Sight” has already sparked a lot of controversy after season 2 because of its high divorce rates. The experiment reality series is run by media company Kinetic Content, the representatives have refused to make any comment on the spark as of now. Read on to find out more about the “Married at First Sight” Season 3.

The show is based on a Danish series which features three couples paired by experts and agree to marry at their first meeting. The show has faced criticism heavily and has been thrashed publically. Only one couple remained together leaving everyone pair in broken relationships. It is very unfortunate for the couple to go through the divorce it can be turbulent and emotionally challenging situations.


Kinetic Content did issues a statement mentioning that the experts on the show have best and purest of intention and have high hopes for the success of couple relationship. The experts go through an extensive psychological and background analysis before pairing.

Also, the participants agree by on their own wishes to get married on television in such format. According to show format the couple is with the production up to six weeks after the wedding but after that it is up to them on how they behave off screen with each other, as stated by Master Herald.

Despite having considerable number of applicants for the show, it is speculated that “Married at First Sight” Season Three has been called off but will be possibly replaced with a new reality format called “Seven Year Switch.” It will be based on couples who have been married for seven year and switching partners on the show more like “Trading Spouses.”

This for sure will be creating more controversies than “Married at First Sight” as it is an open assault to the institution of marriage.

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