‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Couples’ Journey Continues While Trying To Settle In First Home

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Couples’ Journey Continues While Trying To Settle In First Home
Married At First Sight

A crucial milestone will be soon introduced for 3 of its couples in “Married at First Sight.” This would see them set up their home after their weddings.  There will be an episode aired called “Moving In” that showcased the experiences of these couples as they have to decide on where they should live.

All these 3 couples had a rocky beginning as far as their relationships are concerned. Nevertheless, they had made a promise to be friendly with their respective spouses especially when their honeymoon episodes are being aired.

For instance, David and Ashley had made a promise to be frank with each other so that the intimacy issues that Ashley is going through could be overcome in the coming days.


On the other hand, Vanessa made attempts of overcoming her issues so that her marriage with Tres could be taken forward. Neil and Sam have been struggling to communicate well with one another. Viewers became the witnesses to their frequent fights with each other.

The important point to note there is that the couples are yet to develop romantic feelings about each other.

According to Ecumenical News, an upcoming episode’s teaser suggests that the relationship between David and Ashley will come under the test when Ashley does not get impressed with her husband’s apartment.

Apparently, David will ask for Ashley’s opinion about his apartment, the latter would prefer to be silent. Can David and his wife Ashley eventually get a home that will be liked by both of them?

There has been steady improvement in the relationship between Vanessa and Tres. The duo is spotted kissing one another in a recent teaser image. It looks like Vanessa is soon getting a grip on her fears and there are chances that the duo might eventually fall for each other.

However, Neil and Sam’s relationship does not seem to be improving at all.  Sam does not like Neil’s personality and thinks that it is passive. On the other hand, Neil is not happy after those harsh words from Sam. In the episode aired recently, Sam was seen moving away from her husband. Will there be any hope for Neil and Sam?

Another teaser image has suggested that viewers should still nurture their hopes for this couple. Though they have been fighting with one another, looks like the duo has been making some sort of progress. But the progress is slower than the other 2 couples.
Neil and Sam are spotted clicking a selfie after they spent some time in the mountains.

When they start being in company of each other for some more time, it looks like they would be resolving their communication problems.

“Married At First Sight”Season 3 airs  every Tuesday at 9 pm on FYI. 


Picture Source: Facebook/Married At First Night

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