Married Recap: Family Day Season Finale

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Married Recap: Family Day Season Finale
Actor Nat Faxon and actress Judy Greer at FX Networks new series premieres of You’re the Worst and Married at Paramount Studios on July 14, 2014. Wikimedia Commons/Mingle Media TV

Married” Season 1 Episode 10 “Family Day” aired on Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on FX. The season finale brought up ugly issues about marriages to light, as the group attended family day in AJ’s rehab. Read on for more about this episode in the recap below.

The Bowmans, Russ (Nat Faxon) and Lina (Judy Greer), were under a lot of stress. Lina was especially high strung because they would have to find a new house after learning that their landlord was going to be needing all of his tenants out. Russ admitted to Jess (Jenny Slate) that they have been fighting a lot because of this. What he really wanted was to move his family to Costa Rica to create a new adventure. He got the inspiration from this blogger, whose stories he has been sending Lina to read. She never did.

Meanwhile, the gang were all at this resort/rehabilitation center where AJ (Brett Gelman) had been admitted for his drug problems. The place looked quite expensive that Lina said to Russ, should they both become addicted to drugs, they will stay addicted to drugs because it was a cheaper option than getting rehabilitated at the swanky place.

The Bowmans learned from AJ that Jess has been coming to “visit” him nearly every day since AJ came in. She was making a lot of friends with the addicts that she’s texting inspirational quotes to some of the people there already. Later, Russ discussed this with Jess’ husband Shep (Paul Reiser), who, being much older and wiser, quite understood how his wife can be.

Shep: She likes the damaged men. It reminds her of her father.
Russ: Wait, am I one of those damaged men? Is that why she’s friends with me?
Shep: You’re just figuring that out now?

Lina was on her phone checking with the realtor’s site for house listings. AJ suggested they could probably ask money from the landlord for letting them move out on such a short notice. Lina thought the money could help with picking a bigger and better house, while Russ still had Costa Rica on his mind. He could use that money to move his family there.

Lina thought this was Russ’ way of handling this crisis. He was freaking out about the changes, so coming up with an absurd idea like Costa Rica seemed good. He had it all planned: they would run a surf shop like before, and the kids would be homeschooled. Lina grew irritated at her husband because she knew that even if that were to happen, she would be the one handling everything, from finding a place to teaching the kids, while Russ will just be surfing all day. This irritated her even more when she was discussing Russ’ behavior with Jess.

Jess: Freaking out? Lina, I don’t think that Russ is happy.
Lina: Did he tell you that when you guys were smoking weed in my van?
Jess: He just said that you guys are in a rut.
Lina: Who gets to be happy all the time, Jess? You?
Jess: Well, I guess…I try to have fun.
Lina: Well, okay, you’re fun and I’m not.

The girls found their husbands, and they were ready to get to the hut for AJ’s group therapy, when Lina remarked that she spotted a house on the realtor’s site, and it was perfect. The only problem was, they needed to be there right there and then for the open house, or else they would lose the chance of getting it. Russ didn’t want to go, and the tension grew between him and his wife.

The group therapy with AJ didn’t turn out well. He was being passive aggressive, especially with his apologies to Jess whom he resented for being there every day, knowing she had a different agenda with the other junkies. AJ was also pissed that Lina didn’t seem to want to be there, and Russ was just generally irked. Hurtful words were said, especially with the women, who were bitching at each other.

Lina to Jess: You need to spend a little more time worrying about your own marriage and be less involved with mine. Your husband eats dinner alone every night with the nanny, and your son only speaks Spanish.
Shep: Spanish is beautiful language.
AJ: I wish I knew how to speak Spanish.
Russ: You can all learn to speak Spanish with us in Costa Rica.
Jess: Just let it go, man. She’s not going to want to bang you in Costa Rica either.
Lina: She’s right, she’s right. Honey, I don’t think it’s a different country that you want. I think it’s a different person.
AJ: Hey, hey…I’m the one who’s addicted to drugs, so can we please bring it back to me? You wanna know what I’m sorry about? That I invited you assholes in the first place.

Yeah, family day at the rehab can be so much fun.

Back at the Bowman’s house the next day, Lina, perhaps in an attempt to understand where her husband was coming from, discussed the blogs that Russ had wanted him to read, only to find out that Russ never actually read them. This only supported what Lina knew: that she would have to do everything in their marriage, from the planning to the preparations and the actual doing of things, so Lina said it would be just so exhausting.

Russ: But you’re better at that than I am…. I could carry the luggage.
Lina: You could carry the luggage.

Days later, everyone was gathered at the Bowmans for AJ’s release. He’s back in the real world and have survived rehab, so the gang celebrated. The Bowmans also celebrated the fact that they would not have to move. Their landlord changed his mind.

The conversation turned to death for some reason, and Shep was very eager to share his fantasy about how he would die. It would be death by brisket. Jess, meanwhile, wanted to die from overdose old-school style, while AJ was graphic about his death wish. Vital organs were involved. Bernie wanted to choke during sex.

Lina and Russ, meanwhile, had a pretty crazy, if not romantic idea.

Lina: We will travel around the world to all the places we’ve wanted to see. When we’re done? Murder (pointing to Russ) and suicide (pointing to herself). There’s no one else I’d rather die beside.
Russ: There’s no one else I’d rather murder me.

And that’s how the season has wrapped up in “Married” Season 1 Episode 10 “Family Day,” which aired on Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on FX. Lina’s death wish with Russ was the perfect analogy to her marriage, was it not? What do you think of this show as a whole? Would you want to see it come back for a second season?

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