Marry Me Recap: Change Me [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Marry Me Recap: Change Me [WATCH VIDEO]
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Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 13 “Change Me” aired on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Because Annie and Jake have been together for so long, some of their quirks have started to annoy each other. So, they ask Kay’s help to change some of these. Find out what happened in the recap below.

Jake (Ken Marino) is rummaging through the fridge and tells Annie (Casey Wilson) to throw some of the leftovers already. Annie thinks it’s wasteful, but she didn’t want to listen to Jake’s suggestions. But when Kay (Tymberlee Hill) tells her gross stories about leftovers, she panics and declares to throw everything out. Meanwhile, Kay has a dilemma herself. Her girlfriend Haley (guest star Ana Ortiz) is planning something special for Valentine’s Day, and she has nothing.

Annie’s gay dads hold a special President’s Day costume party at their house. It’s a grand tradition to celebrate Valentine’s Day differently, and the gang’s all there, minus Kay’s girlfriend who’s probably planning a surprise treat. Speaking of Valentine’s treat, Jake declares that he’s actually got something planned for Annie and him. They’re going to that restaurant serving a 25-meal course. While he’s telling him all about it, Annie munches into her popcorn using just her tongue. Jake starts to get annoyed by this, but she ignores him. But when Kay tells Annie it doesn’t look good, she stops. For the second time, Jake notices that Annie listens to Kay more. What’s up with that?

Meanwhile, Gil (John Gemberling) accidentally burns his face while opening a microwavable popcorn bag, so they call a fireman for help. Dennah (Sarah Wright) starts flirting with one of them, and they hit it off. The fireman also hits it off with Gil like long lost best buddies.

Jake visits Kay’s apartment to suggest helping Annie out with her annoying habits. He wants her to change Annie for him. Kay thinks the whole thing is wrong, but she gives in to Jake’s request anyway. In exchange, he’s going to help Kay with her Valentine’s Day surprise with Haley.

At Annie’s apartment, Kay begins suggesting stuff to Annie. She needs to fold socks in a different way. She needs to stop over pronouncing “croissant,” and she has to pay more attention to Jake’s needs during sex. Annie quickly realizes Jake put her up to this, so she turns the table and asks Kay to suggest to Jake some things she’d like for him to change for her.

Meanwhile, Gil sets out to find the fireman who saved him, but he didn’t have any luck locating the hunky firefighter. Apparently, Dennah also had no such luck. She even called 911 for a fake emergency and got non-hunky firemen. She did get some leads as to where to find the guy, though, so the two come up with a plan. They will do it at Annie’s gay dads’ house, coz that’s where they first met the fireman.

Meeting Kay later that day, Jake proudly tells her that it seems the plan worked because Annie didn’t exhibit any of her annoying habits lately. As promised, Jake gives Kay tips for her Valentine’s surprise, but she uses this as a time to suggests changing his annoying habits (as her promise to Annie).

Later, at their own apartment, Annie and Jake give each other compliments about some of the changes they’ve noticed about each other. But Annie calls out on Jake. The jig is up. She knows everything, and she also asked Kay to do the same. They end up arguing pretty bad, ruining their Valentine’s Day plans. That night, the Kevins find Annie and Jake still mad at each other, and so they demonstrate to them how they should learn to settle their differences with the “compliment sandwich.”

At the gay dads’ apartment, Gil and Dennah set their plans in motion, but then midway through, Gil realizes just how pathetic they are. Dennah admits that it’s especially trying for her as she doesn’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day. That’s why she’s doing this. However, Gil suggests they can celebrate it together so no one has to be alone. While they’re out eating at a diner, an accident happens and guess who arrives? It’s the fireman they have been looking for!

Back at Annie and Jake’s, they thank each other for suggesting that they stay over for Valentine’s Day instead of going to that 25-course meal. But then they realize that in all the frenzy, they forgot all about the dinner. Kay manipulated them so she could use the reservation to bring her girlfriend there instead. Tricky, tricky Kay!

And that’s the recap for “Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 13 “Change Me,” which aired on Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Check out the episode highlight below. For updates about this show, keep checking Movie News Guide (MNG) for the news.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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