Marry Me Recap: F Me [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Marry Me Recap: F Me [WATCH VIDEO]
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Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 12 “F Me” aired on Tuesday, Feb 4, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Because of one drunken prank, Annie and Jake are in danger of getting evicted from their apartment. Find out what happened in the episode in the recap below.

Annie (Casey Wilson) and Jake (Ken Marino) arrive at their apartment after a wonderful date. They’re both drunk but happy. They linger at the lobby to make out next to a peculiar bicycle. It was owned by Atlas, one of their neighbors, who sees them and says something snooty. The two straighten up as Atlas leaves. Then, they come across a poster by the building’s announcement board. It’s for a “Building Art Show,” which Jake vandalized and changed to “Building FArt Show.”

The next morning, they wake up with a hangover and they’re greeted by Annie’s fathers. They inform the couple that the RSVP’s for their wedding are all in, including the plus ones (+1). They have actually gone over the venue’s capacity. Since Annie’s gay dads are paying for the wedding, they wonder if they can inform Gil (John Gemberling), Dennah (Sarah Wright) and Kay (Tymberlee Hill) that only one of them should have a plus one.

The doorbell rings and it’s their neighbor Julie. There’s been a hate crime in the building as someone defaced the sign for George’s art show. The couple realizes that it’s them, but how could the act be a hate crime, when it’s a hilarious prank? Apparently, George suffers from IBS, a debilitating disease. Fart jokes are a diss at his condition.

At the meeting, Annie and Jake see that everyone is ruffled up by this hate crime. Now, the co-op is out for blood and whoever did it will definitely get a strike. The couple decided against confessing to keep their standing with the board intact. They already have two strikes on record. They cannot risk a third.

Meanwhile, the gay dads talk to the gang and inform them of the plus one situation. Kay couldn’t care less as she’s fine going alone. It only meas that there will be more single women for her. Gil thinks that being a divorcee, everyone will think he’s a loser. Dennah can’t be single at her best friend’s wedding, or any wedding for that matter.

Kevin 2 (Tom Bucatinsky) suggests they have a “Wedding Day Duel Down.” It means that Gil and Dennah have until the next day to find a date to present to the dads. Dennah decides to bring her sleazy yoga teacher to the duel down. He has been attracted to her for 3 months. Gil touches base with his ex-wife. She hates Jake and Annie but gives in to Gil’s request.

Back at the apartment, Julie calls for a “CareFrontation.” Jake is beginning to worry as he cannot hide his guilt because a confrontation would be stressful. Annie convinces him to go, but then it’s apparently a trap. Julie assumes Annie and Jake had something to do with the vandalism based on the Cheese Blams crumbs that were on the scene. They deny this, of course, but Julie says that she will prove it.

In private, Jake says that they have to confess so that at least the board will see their intention. But Annie thinks they’re the victim, as it’s only a silly prank. Why should they get evicted for this? She comes up with an idea: they vandalize their own apartment so that Julie will see that they’re not the suspects. Look, they’ve been “victimized,” too!

Annie and Jake organize a meeting at their house after being “vandalized.” Julie tells them that they finally found out who did it. It’s Atlas, their pretentious neighbor. There were Cheese Blams all over his bike. The board is pushing to evict him.

As this is happening, the “Wedding Day Duel Day” is taking place at Annie’s dads. Gil and Dennah try to do their best with their respective partners in dazzling the Kevins, who decide that each like one differently over the other. So, Kay becomes the tie-breaker. It’s a cliffhanger!

Annie becomes guilty that Atlas will be blamed for their drunken prank, so they thought of coming clean to the board. But during the meeting, they learned that the board has been looking for reasons to get rid of Atlas. They hate him so bad for being different and weird; they really want him gone. So, it’s Atlas’ fault and it’s the story they will be sticking to.

When Annie and Jake left the board meeting, they meet Atlas at the hall. He says something snide and snooty at them again. No one is going to miss this pretentious neighbor.

Meanwhile, Gil and Dennah are wooing Kay with chocolates and a piñata. She finally awards one of them with the plus one. But it turns out, she’s has a girlfriend and she’s keeping it from her friends for the last two months. She has legitimate reasons to take the plus one. Kay worries that doing so may jinx the relationship that has been nothing but really good. In the end, Kay introduces Haley (guest star Ana Ortiz) to everyone. They love her already. We’ll see more of her in the next episodes.

And that’s the recap for “Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 12 “F Me,” which aired on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. For updates about this show, keep checking Movie News Guide (MNG) for the news.

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