Marry Me Recap: Friend Me [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Marry Me Recap: Friend Me [WATCH VIDEO]
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Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 11 “Friend Me” aired on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Annie tries to reconnect Jake with his old college pals so that they become his groomsmen at the wedding. But this only brings up old issues that causes a rift among friends. Find out what happened in the recap below.

Annie (Casey Wilson) gifts Dennah (Sarah Wright) and Kay (Tymberlee Hill) a pair of earrings. She’s asking them to be her Maids of Honor at the wedding, while Jake casually asks Gil (John Gemberling), who is sitting next to him, to be his one and only groomsman. The girls point out how everything is so simple with the guys. They also point out that Annie will look like a crazy lady with her nine bridesmaids. Doesn’t Jake (Ken Marino) know anyone else he can ask? How about his college buddies “The Boyz”? Jake says that they have drifted apart and no longer hang out.

Annie is concerned that Jake lost touch with many of his close friends, so as a favor to him, she rounds up The Boyz and surprises Jake with their presence. As soon as Annie leaves, Jake confronts his college buddies. Apparently, they had a huge falling out, and it’s all because of her.

Early in their relationship, Annie and Jake broke up, and he had The Boyz for support. They were one in talking smack about Annie, since Jake was heartbroken at that time. When they reconciled, however, Jake sensed that The Boyz didn’t really like Annie, so he stayed away from them. Now, they tell him it’s not the case at all, and Jake finally gets everything cleared out. They make up by having a drinking spree, which moved over in Annie’s apartment.

In the morning, Annie wakes up to find The Boyz still rowdy and drunk. She hates to break up the party, but she nicely asks them to leave. She and Jake are going to meet with the wedding photographer that morning.

The next night, Jake is once again hanging out with his old crew for a golf crawl, while Annie is with the girls. She says that Jake is really happy partying with the guys, and she really wants him to have friends.

Meanwhile, Gil tells Dennah that he’s serious about eating healthy. Speaking of which, he offers her to sample this shake bottle, which is chocolate flavored but comes with only 100 calories. Dennah likes it and unknowingly ends up buying eight boxes, which Gil says she can also sell. Kay points out to Dennah that she’s been duped into joining a pyramid scheme.

Back at the bar, Jake thought that it would be the best time to ask The Boyz to be his best men. But then, they have something else in mind. They want Jake to break up with Annie. They actually hate her with the way she’s changing Jake and making him so lame. Jake realizes that he cannot be friends with people who don’t like Annie. So, for the second time, he swears he won’t be hanging out with them anymore.

When Jake returns home, Annie senses that something went wrong so he convinces Jake to spill it. He tells his fiancée the reasons and genuinely thought that things would be different with his friends. He assures Annie that the problem is not her. The Boyz are definitely jerkz with a z!

Dennah confronts Gil about the pyramid scheme, and he admits he’s in too deep already. His money is tied up to 60 boxes of shake bottles, so Dennah suggests they go to corporate to give them a piece of their minds. Corporate turns out to be Libby, a stay-at-home mom, who not only convinces them to stick with the program, she also sells Dennah and Gil different flavors of the shake. Tricky!

Without a crew to hang out with, Jake rounds up a new set of friends — the mailman, the gym guy and some random dude — and he teaches them the way of The Boyz. But it’s just not the same. To help Jake, Annie confronts The Boyz. What makes them think they know what’s better for Jake? They settle this with a drinking game. But Jake warns Annie she may lose because these guys can really hold their booze together. Annie, however, is confident as she knows Jake better than them.

The competition is tight. But for the final question, Annie asks how Jake would be around The Boyz if one of them dated a girl they didn’t like. They realize that they’ve really been “jerkz” about this whole thing; they were jealous Jake is moving on and getting married.

Jake is willing to let all these be bygones, and The Boyz also commend Annie for being a tough chic who can party hard with beer as well.

Meanwhile, Dennah and Gil make a killing selling boxes of shake bottles to who else? The Boyz!

And that’s the recap for “Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 11 “Friend Me,” which aired on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Check the highlight to the episode in the video below.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Steff Geissbuhler, Chermayeff & Geismar

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