Marry Me Recap: Move Me [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Marry Me Recap: Move Me [WATCH VIDEO]
Casey Wilson in 2013

Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 2 “Move Me” aired on Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Jake moved into Annie’s apartment, which forced Annie to move into her car. Find out what happened to this couple in the latest episode. Read the recap below.

It was a happy time for Annie (Casey Wilson) and Jake (Ken Marino) as they have just gotten engaged. Now, with Jake moving into Annie’s house, they’re really on their way to starting a new life together. But when Jake suggested a few changes he planned on making in Annie’s place, the latter started to flip and freak out.

Talking with her two gay dads over lunch, Annie confessed that she felt stifled with living together, especially when Jake’s stuff was all over the house. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings, though, so what should she do?

Kevin 1: Sweetie, it’s just an adjustment period. You were an only child.
Kevin 2: We were really bad at teaching you how to share your space.

Annie also thought that perhaps she was being irrational. She freaked out when they WEREN’T engaged and living together, and now she’s freaking out again because they WERE engaged and living together. So, Annie hoped that this really was just an adjustment phase. It won't be a big problem, would it?

When she got home, Jake was relaxing in his briefs on her couch and Vietnamese food was all over the coffee table. To be fair, Jake got Vietnamese because Annie liked Mexican and Asian food, and Vietnamese was like the Mexico of Asia, according to him. Feeling stifled again, she rushed to the bathroom, which her fathers called her happy place, but she got into minor accident and broke something. 

When she went to get the vacuum cleaner in storage, which was by the car ports, Annie thought that her car looked a lot more inviting than being at her own house. So, from then on, she would spend most of her time inside the car by herself. She even set it up like a pretty little room, complete with curtains.

Jake sensed that something was up with Annie, so he prepared for her a romantic meal at their new house, upon Gil’s (John Gemberling) suggestion. He also cleaned up his stuff; the house was finally back in order. All these should’ve pleased Annie, but just the same, she avoided a romantic time with Jake. He couldn’t figure her out.

Elsewhere, Dennah (Sarah Wright) was dealing a minor problem of her own. A teenager told her that she looked 40 years old. So, upon Gil’s suggestion (again, with Gil giving pieces of advice!) she got botox. But it did not turn out right because apparently, she’s allergic to botox. The doctor said she would be fine, but her face was temporarily unrecognizable.

Gil, on the other hand, discovered he could save a lot of money eating at a breakfast buffet. The only catch was he would never have to leave the place, so that he would only pay once for his meal. Since he had nowhere to go, having been recently divorced, he was up to the challenge. A waiter noticed him and called his attention, but Gil argued that he was still in the restaurant; he never left, so he could continue eating for the same price. He was literally in the buffet for 29 hours, and even caught the highlight early that night when the servers did their “Shoop” song and dance number. It was the most uninspired performance ever!

Back to Annie’s problem with Jake, it only dawned to Annie later when the car situation got crazier and crazier (she was already hosting parties in there!) that the reason why she was avoiding having Jake in the house with her was because she was scared of the fact that this was going to be her “forever.” She was having the jitters, and it’s still a long way before they would actually get married. Jake admitted that he’s had the jitters too…because why did it take him six years to propose to her?

Jake: The six years I waited to propose was me freaking out. As well as those harem pants I bought.

So, they worked it out, and the episode ended with the lovebirds camped in Annie’s pretty car with the window curtains, watching television on the laptop together, like old and comfortable couples usually do.

And that’s what happened on “Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 2 “Move Me” aired on Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Watch the video below for the episode highlight.

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