Marry Me Recap: Stand By Me [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Marry Me Recap: Stand By Me [WATCH VIDEO]
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Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 8 “Stand By Me” aired on Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. The girls noticed the weirdness in the relationship between Jake and Gil and thought that something must be done about this co-dependency. Find out what happened to this episode in the recap below.

Jake (Ken Marino) was doing groceries for Gil (John Gemberling). He also knew the details of Gil’s doctor’s appointment as he was with him, and he offered to help Gil with his tax returns. Dennah (Sarah Wright) noticed that this was kind of sweet, but kind of weird too. Jake was so “sweet” that he had to hold Gil while they crossed the street.

Back at the apartment, the girls further discussed this odd relationship between the two men. So they decided to talk to Jake about it. Was he not taking too much care of Gil? Did he think this was healthy?

Jake: Look, Gil doesn’t need me anymore than anybody’s buddy needs anybody’s buddy. The point is, if Gil was here right now, he would tell you the exact same thing.

Just then, Gil walked in asking for help from Jake. He had several errands for him to do, things that he could actually do himself if he was responsible enough. Jake saw what the girls were talking about. So back at Gil’s apartment, Jake opened up to Gil about his dependency and pointed out how he’s basically his former wife, except they don’t have sex.

Gil: Wait, that’s exactly like the old Cassie!

Jake proceeded to show him how his apartment was so messy. He needed to take care of himself like a normal adult. However, Gil took offense with this, and the two had a huge disagreement.

Back in their own apartment, Annie (Casey Wilson) asked how it went with Gil and Jake said that they fought. Annie was optimistic it will be fine. Gil will get over it and realize that what happened needed to happen. Gil, on the other hand, had Dennah and Kay over to ask for their help starting with cleaning up the apartment. He was definitely a big screw up. The girls refused to give Gil a hand. It was for his own good.

With Gil no longer pestering him, Jake started to feel a void. What was he before he was part of “Jake & Gil”? What should he do with his free time without Gil? He needed to figure this one out. Jake was talking to Kevin 1 (Tim Meadows) about this, when Annie’s dad only dropped by their apartment to return a bowl. He, however, said Jake was taking this too seriously. Besides, having free time is the best.

Meanwhile, attempting to do things by himself, Gil began to assemble a juicer and was successful at it. Next, he attempted to tackle his bills.

In another storyline, Kay (Tymberlee Hill) spotted an old flame who was working at the butcher shop, but the girls stopped her from talking with the ex. She had to keep her dignity; her ex was crazy. However, they found out later during girls’ brunch that Kay was actually texting the butcher again.

But brunch was interrupted by Jake, who had all this free time, remember? He wanted to join them, and so they tried to include him in their girl talk sessions.

Kay asked Jake if she should delete the number of her ex, because Dennah and Annie thought she should. Jake, however, was on the other side of the argument.

Jake: Crazy girls are the most explosive lovers.

Annie decided it was time to ditch Jake, but they cannot shake him off. He even went to yoga with them. Annie was confident this phase will be over soon, as he and Gil will be making up. However, Annie soon realized she was wrong. It wasn’t happening anytime soon.

Kay: Maybe in trying to fix Gil, we broke Jake & Gil!

But, as Dennah pointed out, Gil was actually making progress without Jake. He’s been juicing a lot and has learned to Instagram. This was progress for someone like Gil. However, when Jake started to show off during yoga class, Dennah was on board getting Jake & Gil back together, as Jake was starting to get annoying.

They “accidentally” ran into Gil at the grocery store, and he was actually looking good and doing well. But he was not done being mad at Jake, so right there, they disagreed again. So the girls’ plan didn’t work.

During the girls’ next brunch, Kay confessed that she hooked up with the butcher, and now things were feeling toxic. She blamed Dennah for leaving her at the grocery store, so she became weak against her ex. The girls started arguing.

Annie: Whoa! Guys, look at us! We didn’t just screw up Jake & Gil’s friendship, we screwed up the entire Annie-Jake-Kay-Dennah-Gil dynamic!
Dennah: We never should’ve played god! What do we do now?
Annie: The only thing we can do — we play god again to undo our original god-playing!

So they planned their next move: get Gil an Ikea to challenge him, and if he crashed and burned, he’s gonna turn to Jake for help. But, surprise! Gil was able to assemble the Ikea armoire perfectly all by himself. Jake saw this on his Instagram, and he was really proud of his friend. Annie coaxed him to call Gil, but he thought he would be better off this way.

Just then, he received a call on his cell phone. It was Gil. He wanted to get together to talk now. It was 6:00 a.m. What’s the rush? Turned out, Jake was caught a top a maple tree because he was arguing with the tree trimmers, and now he needed his friend to help him down.

And with that, the two were friends again and the order in the Annie-Jake-Kay-Dennah-Gil dynamic was back in its right place.

And there you have it for the recap for “Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 8 “Stand By Me,” which aired on Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Check out the clip below for the highlight of the episode.

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