Marry Me Recap: Test Me

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Marry Me Recap: Test Me
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Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 9 “Test Me” aired on Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Annie and Jake are planning to start a family, so they plan on seeing a fertility doctor. But after a baby shower, Jake suddenly develops a case of paranoia. Find out what happened in the recap below.

The gang is in a baby store, buying gifts for their friend Libby and her baby. This is their nth baby shower, and it is kind of excessive because, as Annie (Casey Wilson) explains, they have had a hard time conceiving. Ironically, Libby’s husband, Dr. Berman, is a fertility doctor.

Kay (Tymberlee Hill) thinks that baby stuff is expensive, so why are they even going to another shower for Libby’s baby when they don’t exactly like the couple? Annie assures them that this will be the last, but they really have to be there as they’ve just booked to see Libby’s husband the following day. She and Jake (Ken Marino) are thinking of having kids, and they would like to get tested for it, to see if everything is all good reproductive-wise. The group is happy to learn this and even happier when Annie says that after their appointment, they can go ahead and ditch the Bermans.

Dennah (Sarah Wright) also announces something — she’s getting a new driver’s license. Will she let her hair loose for the photo or tie it up? As she was checking to see her best angle, Gil (John Gemberling) spots something on her neck and suggests to have the doctor look at it at the party. They realize, by the way, that they keep calling him Dr. Whatshisname. But really, what is his first name? No one can remember, even after eleven months of meeting him.

At the Berman’s, they are lead to the nursery, where they see that everything has been done in an owl theme. While Dr. Whatshisname and Jake linger in the room, the doctor tells Jake to hold off on the wine he’s drinking because if he’s going to have his fertility test tomorrow, it will affect his sperm. He also advises Jake to stay away from tight pants and bike seats, calling these “semen funeral.” If Jake is considering conceiving with Annie, he’s got to start making changes that will make his sperm healthier.

Jake is officially freaked out.

Meanwhile, Dennah tries to ask Dr. Whatshisname about the thing on her neck, but the doctor says that he’s had five glasses of wine, so he may not be able to help her. Besides, he’s not a dermatologist.

Back in the baby’s room, Jake asks Annie if they can reschedule their test with the doctor. Annie is surprised to learn that her fiancé is suddenly freaking out. When she discusses this with Kay back at her house, she suggests asking Libby to watch the nanny cam’s recording. She gave this as a gift during one of her many baby showers. For sure, the cam was able to capture something.

So Annie calls Libby, who happily obliges. They were going to watch the nanny cam anyway, to see the guests’ reactions about the owl-themed nursery, and Libby promises to pay attention to the “Jake scenes” to find out why he’s clamming up.

Except Annie realizes that she said a lot of things about Libby, her baby and the doctor, which the cam surely recorded. So she and Kay run to Libby’s house to get the tape.

Meanwhile, Jake is hanging out with Gil at the bar, and they are talking about how to make his sperm count healthier.

Gil: Buddy, if you’re worried about your sperm count, why not just go to the appointment so that they can let you know if you have to be worried about your sperm count?

Dennah is also worried about what’s on her neck. She has gone to a dermatologist, but the cost for removing it is expensive. Gil advises her not to delay having this checked as it could be cancerous.

Annie and Kay finally get to the Berman’s, and it’s a good thing they have not yet seen the nanny cam. The girls made some excuse about checking out the nursery and the baby, and as Annie tries to distract them, Kay switches the nanny cam with a different one. Done! They leave Libby’s immediately as they already got what they came for.

Back at the apartment, they finally see the video on the nanny cam, and Annie figures out what’s been bothering Jake. But where is Jake? He’s at Gil’s, still obsessed about the state of his sperm. Annie convinces him to come home.

When he arrives, Jake tells Annie that he’s also worried that if they can’t have kids, the blame is all on him. See, he waited a long time to propose, which gave them a longer time to consider having children. But Annie assures him that they will figure out problems together, if and when it happens. But for the moment, they need to proceed with the tests.

At the clinic, they learn that there are a lot of Dr. Bermans working there. So what really is his first name? They went with a Dr. Mike Berman. But as Jake locks himself up in a room to collect his sperm, Annie realizes that they are actually in a pediatric clinic. Wrong doctor!

So, they rush out to find the Dr. Berman they have to see waiting for them at the lobby. They also find Dennah, as she’s about to have her neck spot checked. When Dr. Whatshisname sees this, he points out that the thing is actually just dirt. Shower better, Dennah!

Anyway, Jake, Annie and Dr. Whatshisname Berman walk to his office, where the couple finally figure out his first name, as it’s on the door: Dr. Jake Berman! But when the doctor overhears that Annie and Jake didn’t actually know he’s Jake, he gets offended. Ashamed, Annie and Jake walk away.

So that’s the recap for “Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 9 “Test Me,” which aired on Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more about this series as we bring the updates, spoilers and recaps.

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