Marry Me Recap: Thank Me [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Marry Me Recap: Thank Me [WATCH VIDEO]
Ken Marino at the 2011 Comic Con in San Diego

Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 5 “Thank Me” aired on Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. It’s Thanksgiving, and Annie has offered to take over hosting the traditional dinner from Jake’s mom. But things weren't so easy. Find out what happened in the recap below.

Annie (Casey Wilson) had a cornucopia on hand when she declared to her friends that she would like to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. But Jake (Ken Marino) hesitated because his mother always hosted the crap out of Thanksgiving. Annie really wanted them to do it this year. Since they’re now “engagedly weds,” they should start hosting stuff. It should be fun. Gil (John Gimberling) was already cheering for cheese and crackers as part of the feast. So how do they handle telling Jake’s mom?

Jake and Annie were having dinner at Myrna’s (JoBeth Williams) when they started telling her about their Thanksgiving plans. But Jake couldn’t say it. He chickened out and excused himself to go to the bathroom, leaving Annie to talk to Myrna about taking a night off with hosting. She said it was a good idea, but will the couple let her contribute in some way? She was giving them a dining table.

Jake thought that it was sweet they were gonna get a table out of this deal. But Annie had a different take on it.

Annie: Don’t you get it? The moment you proposed, your mother and I entered into a lifelong chess match to determine who’s the most important woman in your life.

It’s a tale as old as time, with mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law not getting along. But Jake said she got it wrong. Annie insisted that the table was more than about this holiday — it was Jake’s mother judging her. Accepting it would mean Myrna will be there all the time, especially during their other parties and dinners. Jake had to tell her mom about the table. Besides, Annie already found a beautiful Mahogany set online.

Meanwhile, Gil, Dennah (Sarah Wright) and Kay (Tymberlee Hill) were grocery shopping for their contribution to Annie and Jake’s dinner, when Gil was spotted by clerk who was selling cheese. He told him about a special cheese sampling that only happens after hours and a “prodi-cheese” like Gil — someone who has a knack for detecting all the flavors in the cheese — would like what he has to offer. Gil agreed to go to this special place later.

Annie was so stressed out about pulling off the "best Thanksgiving ever" that she even put Jake to task with finding the most obscure ingredients for her recipes.

Jake: This whole thing is nuts. Annie thinks she’s in this some sort of weird thunder dome with my mom.
Gil: Thread lightly here, man. You play this thing wrong, you’re gonna end up a divorced orphan.

They were at the “speak-cheesy” otherwise known as the secret cheese place, and it was a secret because the FDA has prohibited the sale of some cheeses that were aged for more than 60 days for “safety” reasons. But while there, someone called out a raid when two cops were spotted.  These cops were actually just security men hiding to smoke a joint.

Back at Annie’s apartment, the girls got to talking about Myrna and her awesome food as they were sampling out Annie’s food. She was going crazy with the preparations when Jake returned with her ingredients.

Annie: This is just a lot for me right now. I’m a little overwhelmed.
Jake: I get it. I wish I could help. But I’m just not an expert at all this stuff. Why don’t we just call my mo—
Annie: Don’t say it!
Jake: Why not? Why can’t we just call my mom?
Annie: Because if she wins, she will dance all over my grave, Jake!
Jake: I’m not supposed to say, “Relax, calm down, you’re going crazy,” but relax, calm down, you’re going crazy!

Jake, however, still went to his mother to ask for help. Myrna loved that her son still came to her for this, and it turned out that she was actually preparing a Thanksgiving feast. A back-up feast, in fact. Jake realized that Annie was right. His mom was competing with his future wife. He needed to get on board with Annie to beat Myrna.

He returned home and found Annie drinking sherry because she was really going crazy. He encouraged and helped her get back to preparing this dinner. In order to do this though, they needed to simplify and not prepare an extravaganza. Alas, they went to work, and a few minutes later, their friends arrived to give them a hand.

It was almost time, and they might be able to pull this off. Only, it didn’t go perfectly well. For one thing, the table arrived, and Annie realized that she ordered the wrong item because the size was for a kid’s playroom! For another thing, the oven started overheating, and some of the food got burned…just as Myrna and Annie’s gay dads arrived.

It was the most uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner, with all of them sitting down on the small dining table. The food was from scraps. They served whatever they saved from the ones that burned, and Gil’s cheese was actually made with human breast milk. To top it all off, the small mahogany table crashed!

Annie: I think we can all agree this is the worst Thanksgiving in history!
Kay: Well, except for the first one, if you’re Native American.

Annie conceded, but Myrna told her about the first time she hosted. It was an unmitigated disaster too, but it was the most memorable one even if her own mother-in-law was undermining her.

Myrna: The point is that it’s hard for every woman to let go of her son and I’m sorry that it has been so hard for me. But I promise next year, I will try to be better…because Annie, there is no one I’d rather turn him over to.

So all is well! They ended up feasting on Myrna’s backup dinner, which she had reserved in her car.

And that’s the recap on “Marry Me” Season 1 Episode 5 “Thank Me,” which aired on Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Check the video below for the highlights to the episode.

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