‘The Martian:’ Experts Challenge Accuracy Of The Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘The Martian:’ Experts Challenge Accuracy Of The Movie

“The Martian” was named one of the best movies at TIFF. All those who watched the movie praised Matt Damon’s performance as Astronaut Mark Watney and hailed this role as one of his best. Despite all of this, space experts believe that there are some inaccuracies in the movie. Read on!

According to The Guardian, space experts have challenged the accuracies of the movies by stating that it has been spoiled by some space oddities. During the making of “The Martian,” it had extensively consulted with NASA in order to lend certain scientific credibility to the movie. However, John Logsdon, Former Director of Space Policy Institute at George Washington University, has shared the inaccuracies shown in the movie.

Mr. Logsdon began with the storm that leads to Matt’s character Mark Watney being stranded on Mars. According to him, the impact of the storm has been shown in a wrong way. Mars has a very thin atmosphere and because of that even a strong gush of air would turn into a light breeze. In the trailer, it can be seen that a really strong blast of air containing debris hits Mark Watney and he gets stranded on the red planet. It is also being said that the atmosphere is too thin on the planet that no matter how fast the winds are going, one would not feel anything.

Secondly, the astronauts can be shown walking on the surface of the planet, which again has been raised as a red flag. According to Mr. Logsdon, gravitational pull on the planet is far less than Earth, which means any person on Mars will end up hopping instead of walking. Unless the movie shows some technology that enables astronauts to walk on Mars, it won’t be considered inaccurate but if its otherwise then this certainly comes across as a neglect of scientific fact.

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Mirror added that Mr. Logsdon’s third observation, and it happens to be about the high radiation levels present on Mars. According to him, even if Mark Watney returns home, he would die of Cancer within a year. “The Martian” shows the struggles of astronaut Mark Watney who gets left behind all alone on Mars and has to survive any way if he wants to make it back home. The movie will release on October 2nd.

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