Marvel Announces New Blade Series With His Daughter

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Marvel Announces New Blade Series With His Daughter

In a time when superhero movies and TV series seems to be ruling the current scenario, another medium too that has been around for a very long time is still making its presence felt. Many would believe that comic books have undergone a tremendous amount of change over the years and with different kinds of movies, TV and books announced at Comic Con every year, one particular fan favorite would surely catch a lot of people’s attention.

According to Cinema Blend, Blade comic series is about to get a major turn. The character’s Daywalker series will be making the character’s fight against vampires a family affair. It is being reported that Blade’s daughter will be introduced in the comic series. This long lost teenage daughter that goes with the name of Fallon Grey will be reuniting with her father said the announcement about the series that was made earlier. In a recent interview with a leading news outlet, writer of the series Tim Seeley revealed more information about it.

The Tim Seeley written series and art by Logan Faerber will feature Blade doing what he does the best and that is hunting down vampires. But there will be a twist to the story which will come after 50 years have passed. After having fought the supernatural monsters for this long, Blade will start losing edge and also seem to forget why he has been fighting and hating the monsters all this while. It is being said at a crucial moment like this, he will be meeting his teenage daughter whose personality is being described as somewhat opposite to that of Peter Parker and is someone who is popular and knows what she is doing with her life. On being asked about any possible comparisons that readers might make, the writer/creator maintained that he has avoided watching any other material similar to his so that he could be true to his creation.

Before concluding, Mr. Seeley also mentioned that fans should expect a variety of monsters as he aims to steer away from vampires. The first issue will hit shelves in October.

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