Marvel Reveals ‘Secret Wars’ as the Biggest Announcement Yet

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Marvel Reveals ‘Secret Wars’ as the Biggest Announcement Yet
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Marvel had urged press for an announcement last week’s Thursday promising big news to be unveiled at their Time Square-based Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Want to find out what it is? Read on further.

According to, Marvel has just unveiled their newest scheme, a yearlong “Secret Wars” project for Marvel Comics to be written by Jonathan Hickman and art by Esad Ribic last Thursday.

Now, if most of you remember clearly, Secret Wars was Marvel’s groundbreaking 12 issue miniseries in 1984 written by Jim Shooter with art by Mike Zeck and Bob Layton that brought all of Earth’s greatest heroes to gather and battle a collection of opposing villains. The series was so popular that it spawned a toy line from Mattel which remains to be a fan-favorite till this day. A year later a 44-issue sequel entitled “Secret Wars II” was published.

“We said, you know — this worked out pretty well for us a long time ago, And not only did we look at it from a business standpoint, but there was a very exciting creator who came to us with this story four or five years ago and said, ‘I want to tell this story in a different way.’” says Marvel’s Dan Buckley.

With the success on their Avengers NOW! initiative, which re-imagined classic Marvel heroes in surprising new ways, Marvel hopes that the new series would work out as well.  The re-imagined “Secret Wars” has been actively developed by the studio according to Buckley.

No further detail was revealed at this moment but expect that the new series will live up to its name which has become Marvel’s standard for comic events to this day.

The Secret Wars is not just a comic event, as Marvel has also revealed that they see huge merchandising opportunities with this event, so fans can almost certainly expect to see t-shirts, toys, and likely video games. What Marvel hasn’t officially addressed yet is how or if this Secret Wars event, which was also touted as its biggest announcement this year, might tie into their television or movie projects.

“Secret Wars” series will launch by May 2015. Stay tuned here at Movie News Guide (MNG)to keep an eye on Marvel future updates, as well as updates on your favorite TV shows, celebrity news, events and upcoming movies.

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