Marvel Strikes Deal With Fox For ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Rights!

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Marvel Strikes Deal With Fox For ‘Fantastic Four’ Movie Rights!

There have been reports that Marvel secretly has some plans for two of their brands “X-Men” and “Fantastic Four” that are currently floating around at other studios. For a while it has been believed that Marvel would really want to get these two brands somehow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and after successfully getting “Spider-Man” in the MCU, it seems that Marvel is getting “Fantastic Four” too into the MCU. Read On!


According to Cinema Blend, Marvel recently signed a brand new television deal with Fox, which allows the latter access to properties of “Hellfire” and “Legion” in a way getting two different series for development.

One might think what exactly did Marvel achieve by doing this? Turns out that Marvel might just have lend their hands on “Fantastic Four” movie rights so that they can bring it back and re-introduce them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now according to the deal, Fox will get the above shows if they hand over the movie rights to Marvel.

Back in New York Comic Con, when Marvel announced the sequel to “Ant-Man,” they also announced that they would be releasing three new movies in the year 2020 itself. If reports are to be believed then Marvel getting their hands on “Fantastic Four” movie rights is very co-incidental as the studio plans to launch them again in the MCU and put them alongside “Avengers” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Here’s the interesting part, “Fantastic Four” will be re-introduced in the MCU somewhere around 2020 and it fits exactly with the dates of three new releases that are planned in the same year. Dates of these three releases are said to be May 1, July 10th and November 6th.

So, if Marvel is re-introducing “Fantastic Four” in the MCU, it could release on any one of these dates as it would help them take the cinematic universe ahead essentially because “Avengers: Infinity War” would have also been released and events of the movie already taken place.

Fox on their side clearly made a huge mistake somewhere with this year’s reboot version of “Fantastic Four” as many of the scenes were either cut out or altered in some way. Given the attention and care Marvel is gMarveliving to “Spider-Man,” getting “Fantastic Four” in the MCU will be like another homecoming. It would also give more scope for further collaborations between the various superhero teams Marvel already has.


Fusion added that Fox has already given a statement that they won’t be giving “Fantastic Four” back to Marvel but given their extremely poor attempt at resurrecting the franchise, it would only be for the betterment of “Fantastic Four” that it returns back to Marvel. Sony too said the same thing about not letting “Spider-Man” go to Marvel, but are now sharing the franchise, so maybe Fox could think wisely and do the same.

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