Marvel Update: Comic Universe Ends in 2015 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
Marvel Update: Comic Universe Ends in 2015 [WATCH VIDEO]
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The Marvel Universe ends as we all know it. Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and SVP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort unveils the latest plan for Marvel Comics. The possibly “biggest event Marvel has ever done” was recently announced.  Read on for more details on this story.

According to, Alonso and Brevoort made “the announcement to end all announcements” during the special “Secret Wars Live” event from Midtown Comics in New York City, the Battleworld.

As Brevoort puts it, “The Marvel Universe as you know it is done. The Ultimate Universe is done.” He said it’s time for an all-new universe. Battleworld will be the “new melting pot where the new Marvel Universe will be created.”  The Marvel 616 Universe and the Ultimate Universe will “smash together,” pitting different versions of Marvel characters from these universes.

Alonso added the event is receiving input from all divisions at the House of Ideas. He called it the “most coordinated event” the publisher has ever done. As for the recent events, the teams were aware of what’s going on and it was building towards this one.

“Every time we were planning an event, we had to be mindful of SECRET WARS and make decisions based on the fact that SECRET WARS was heading our way,” Alonso said in the article.

As for the course of movies and whether if the publisher was inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Alonso points out that all of those stories (from the movies) started in comic book pages.

“We tell our own stories. You will be shocked by the chances we’re taking in this story and beyond,” Alonso added. Moreover, Alonso pointed out that “Battleworld” is not a reboot and that Marvel’s history “is not broken,” and this is their way of expanding it.

Battleworld will begin by “Avengers #44” and “New Avengers #33” continuing into “Secret Wars #1.” “Secret Wars #0” will be available on free comic book day including the “Avengers/Attack on Titan” story with the first and second chapters of “Secret Wars” dropping in on May. Alex Ross will provide all eight covers for the comic as well as variant covers.

Who will remain? Who will be left out? We’ll just have to wait and see. Check out the Secret Wars Live announcement on the video below.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Uploaded by The Community – Pop Culture Geek

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