MARVEL’s Agent Carter Recap: A Sin to Err

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MARVEL’s Agent Carter Recap: A Sin to Err
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MARVEL’s Agent Carter” Season 1 Episode 6 “A Sin to Err” aired last Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, Chief Dooley (Shea Whigham) talked to Dr. Ivchenko (Ralph Brown) regarding Leviathan. He allowed Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) to track down her own hunch regarding Howard Stark’s (Dominic Cooper) stolen inventions. She believed that a Russian female trained assassin, just like the little girl she encountered, had manipulated her way into Stark’s home, as he was a known womanizer. However, things became complicated as Dr. Ivchenko turned out, not to be who he said he was; and as the entire Strategic Scientific Reserve went after Peggy after Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) uncovered the truth about Peggy. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began in a flashback to Russia in 1944. Men were forcibly recruited to join Leviathan under threat of death and of serious harm to their families. Back in the present day, at the Strategic Scientific Reserve, Dr. Ivchenko (Ralph Brown) informed Chief Dooley (Shea Whigham), Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray), and Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) all that he knew about Leviathan. He informed Peggy, who was beginning to pepper him with questions about the training facility and the girl assassin, that he didn’t know about that part of the operation. Because of this, Dooley brought Peggy out of the room. She then told him that she had a hunch that a trained Russian female Leviathan operative must have killed Strategic Scientific Reserve Ray Krezminkias. Yhe gun that had been found was more suited to a woman, and she backed it up with the fact that a female operative would have an easier time getting into Howard Stark’s (Dominic Cooper) vault as he was a known womanizer. Much to her surprise, Dooley allowed her to run down her lead.

At the L&L Automat, Peggy praised the monologue that Angie Martinelli (Lyndsy Fonseca) was reciting. However, she told Peggy that she had just had seven failed auditions. After a year of trying, she decided to take her father’s offer to go to secretary school. She then left as Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) came in. Jarvis was happy that Peggy had called him up, but she told him that they were not yet on “the same team.” He then informed her that Dooley had asked him about a particular battle in Germany, in the town of Finnau. He then told her that he did remember that Stark had gone to Finnau in 1944. When he came back, he built a vault for all of his inventions. After Peggy told Jarvis of her hunch, and that she needed a list of women that Stark had entertained recently, Jarvis got ready to write a very long list.

Meanwhile, Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan), who was in reality a Russian female assassin, went for an interview at the dentist’s clinic just opposite Chief Dooley’s office. There, she learned that the dentist was alone, as he had let the staff have an early long weekend.

However, Peggy wasn’t the only one chasing a lead on her own. Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) went over to the local prison to question Sheldon. He is a man who was in cahoots with Leet Brannis, who had told them that he had been tied to a chair by a woman. After cutting a deal with him, he asked if he could identify the woman that had attacked him, and showed him Peggy’s picture. After looking at it, Sheldon confirmed that the woman who had attacked him and had made off with Leet Brannis and the truck full of nitramene was indeed Peggy.

Meanwhile, at the jewelers, Peggy learned that Stark gave a diamond bracelet to every woman he had hooked up with. After obtaining the list from the jeweler’s, she immediately crossed out the names of every public figure, model and actress, and focused on those that weren’t publicly known. As they went to the address of the first girl, Peggy informed Jarvis that he had to accompany her in order to identify them and to distract them so that she could look at their wrists. The Russian operative would have scars on her wrists from shackling herself to a bedpost as she would have been used to do that. At first, Jarvis told Peggy that he was uncomfortable doing this. He was the one who broke up with all of Stark’s women for him. This resulted in Jarvis getting slapped and kicked several times, but none of them was their assassin. Finally, at the last address, Peggy noticed that the woman’s apartment was empty and that her bedpost had wear and tear on it from having handcuffs on it every night. Peggy then decided to talk to the neighbors while Jarvis talked to the owners of the building so that they could somehow figure out where she had gone. Afterwards, they were to meet up at the automat.

Meanwhile, at Chief Dooley’s office, the chief decided that he and the doctor should take a break. While they did, in the opposite building, Dottie killed the dentist, and readied a rifle and looked at the next building, where the doctor and the chief were. The doctor then opened the windows. He had been amazed by all of the buildings of New York. Suddenly as soon as Dottie could see the doctor, she began to turn her light on and off as if doing Morse Code. Afterwards, she looked down at the windowsill and took down his message. He told her that he needed more time in order to get the items they needed, and gave her a new directive, to kill Peggy.

Afterwards, the doctor noticed that Dooley was sleeping at the office, and correctly deduced that he was having problems with his wife. It turned out that while Dooley was fighting in the war overseas, his wife had cheated on him with a plumber. He then began to talk to him and started to hypnotize him with his ring. He was interrupted when Sousa knocked on his door, as he had something important to tell him.

Later that day, Jarvis and Peggy met up at the automat and reported to each other that they had not had a lot of luck in tracing the woman, Ida, down. However, Peggy became alert after she noticed that everyone was exiting the automat, and after noticing that there were several agents inside. It meant that they were there to arrest someone-her. She then told Jarvis to block the door, and fought the three agents off. The two then ran into the back alley through the back entrance, but they were confronted by Thompson. Peggy then told him that she could explain everything to him. She also told him that he knew that she could not turn herself in. She then knocked him out cold, and told Jarvis to meet her at the Dublin house. Now, she had to get Steve Rogers’ blood at The Griffith first. However, she was stopped by Sousa, who told her not to run. He still hoped that this was not happening. However, she ran to The Griffith. When Thompson finally came to, the pair decided to head for The Griffith.

Meanwhile, at the Strategic Scientific Reserve, everyone was on high alert. Dooley told Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Yauch to babysit the doctor. He hypnotized him to get him to draw a map of the place, and discovered that only the chief could get to Stark’s inventions at the moment. He also then hypnotized him to allow himself to be killed by walking out on the street, where he got hit by a passing truck.

Meanwhile, Peggy went to The Griffith and retrieved Steve’s blood from inside her wall. Then, she managed to escape to the ledge outside her window as soon as Thompson and Sousa and two other agents entered. She was then seen by Angie. She helped cover for her, as she began to act and cry in order to throw the men off. After informing her that her brother would help her and that she was not going to be a secretary, she wished her luck. Peggy’s exit, however, was cut off by Dottie. She kissed her to knock her out as she was wearing Peggy’s “Sweet Dream” knock out lipstick. She was about to kill her with a knife, but was stopped by Sousa and Thompson who immediately arrested her.

Afterward, Angie tried to call Dottie downstairs as their landlady was looking for all of them. Then she discovered that Dottie and her things had disappeared.

At the Strategic Scientific Reserve, they brought Peggy to the interrogation room where they cuffed her to the table. Sousa then began the interrogation by placing the device with Steve’s blood on the table and the picture of her as a blonde at the club.

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