MARVEL’s Agent Carter Recap: Now Is Not the End

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
MARVEL’s Agent Carter Recap: Now Is Not the End
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“MARVEL’s Agent Carter” Season 1 Episode 1 “Now Is Not the End” aired last Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In the premiere episode, World War II just ended, and most women were sidelined out of their jobs due to the returning soldiers. Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), former MI5 Agent and Liaison to Captain America Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), was not spared of this fate as most of the men at SSR treated her like a secretary instead of a proper agent. However, Peggy ended up moonlighting for genius inventor and multi-millionaire Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) when he asked for her help in order to go head to head with SSR in order to help clear his name by recovering his bad babies — inventions too dangerous for anyone to handle — that had been stolen from him with the help of his butler Edwin Jarvis (James D’ Arcy). In the process of recovering the first item, Peggy came head to head with SSR, who was also after Stark’s stolen technology, and after Stark himself, who was currently a fugitive from the law. Read on to learn more about this episode.

As Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) got ready for work in New York City in 1946, she remembered the last time she spoke to Captain America, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Afterwards, she read the newspaper, which labelled genius inventor and multi-millionaire Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) as a traitor and was currently on trial as several of his inventions had been sold to several enemy states. Before she left, her roommate Colleen O’ Brien (Ashley Hinslaw) came in and told her not to put away the bed as she was feeling sick. She also told Peggy that more women were being laid off at her work as the men who were soldiers during the war were returning to the workforce.

Peggy then packed her gun, and headed to New York Bell & Co., where she rode the elevator into the main office of Strategic Scientific Reserve. They were all then summoned by Chief Dooley (Shea Whigham), who claimed that they had just caught a red ball from DC. He instructed Peggy to cover the phones, but instead, she took up her pad and instructed Rose downstairs to forward all calls to the briefing room. Inside, they watched a news clip in which Stark made jokes during his trial. They were then told that Stark hadn’t showed up to the last day of his hearing, which made him a fugitive from the law. Dooley then assigned Agent Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) to take the lead on the case in order to find him and the inventions that had gone out on the black market. Peggy then told them that she knew Stark and that she knew that he wasn’t a traitor. However, they disregarded her help and opinions, as she was no longer considered that much of a professional there as the men seemed to have it covered. Agent Ray Krzeminski (Kyle Bornheimer) then insulted her, to which Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) demanded that he apologize. It turned out that Sousa was also being sidelined a lot as he had escaped from the war with a peg leg. Peggy told him not to stand up for her like that again and defended herself against Thompson who handed her some surveillance reports to file.

After work, she headed of the L & L Automat, where she talked to a waitress friend of hers, Angie Martinelli (Lindsy Fonseca), who asked her if everything was alright. However, their conversation was cut short as a rude male customer started to complain about the food. After grabbing some dessert, Peggy was surprised to see that a note had been scribbled on her tissue. It told her to meet up with someone in the alley in five minutes.

At the alley, she was approached by an Englishman who told her that she was going to go with him. However, she decided to knock him out and shot at the car coming towards her. However, she held her fire after realizing that Stark was inside.

Inside, he asked for her help to clear his name by locating his bad babies — inventions too dangerous for anyone to use — which had been stolen from his vault the month before. He told her that this was her chance to have a mission that matters, as he knew that she wasn’t being treated well in the SSR. He told her that he could only trust her to catch the real culprits, as the SSR was looking for him, and he was just being set up. He then revealed that he was leaving to go overseas in order to locate several bad babies overseas and told her to take care of those that were being fenced in the United States. He told her to locate a piece of paper that was going to hit the market in the next couple of days. The paper contained the formula for Molecular Nitramene, which could single-handedly level an entire city. He then introduced her to the Englishman who had approached her, Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy), his butler, and told her to reach out to him if she needed any help. However, Jarvis warned her that he could only be reached before 9:00 p.m. as he had to tend to his wife after that.

She then went back to work and noticed that Sousa had stayed there overnight. After seeing him looking at pictures of Stark in a boat with a woman, she noted that Stark hated water and couldn’t swim at all. She knew this because several divers had to retrieve him from The Thames during V-Day after he tried to kiss her. She then noticed that Thompson and the others were in the briefing room. Sousa then explained that Thompson had learned that Raymond Spider (Andre Royo), a fence, was going to sell one of Stark’s inventions soon. She then took the opportunity to give them some coffee in order to take a look at the picture of Spider, while Thompson set up the sting operation. She then asked for a sick day from Dooley because of a lady’s thing.

During the night, at the club La Martinique, Spider talked to another thief who was willing to sell some goods to him. On the dance floor, Peggy, dressed up in a dress, blonde wig, and with an American accent, asked for Spider. Before entering his office, she put up a specific lipstick.

Inside Spider’s office, he claimed that he didn’t know anything, and kissed her, which knocked him out, as the lipstick was laced with a knockout drug. She then used the face of her watch to crack open the safe, which revealed a glass sphere holding an orange glowing gas. She then called up Jarvis, who interrupted his baking in order to read to her Stark’s note for her. It had been weaponized and was extremely volatile. She was also told that if the shell was broken, it would cause an implosion with a blast radius of 500 yards. In order to stabilize it, she would have to place it in a solution of sodium hydrocarbonate and acetate and was told not to touch the core. She then rendered Spider’s bodyguard unconscious after he came to check up on him.

When Spider came to, the man in the Green Suit (James Landry Hebert) came in and shot Spider dead.

Outside, on the dance floor, Peggy narrowly avoided detection by Thompson, who had come to the clup. However, she was spotted by the man in the Green Suit.

Back at home, she took several chemicals from the kitchen to the bathroom in order to create the solution which she placed in her perfume spritzer in order to spritz it on the core. However, she was interrupted by a sound, and upon checking it out, she ended up fighting with the man in the Green Suit, who had a tattoo on his throat. He killed Colleen. Peggy won but cried as her roommate was now dead.

The next morning, at L & L, she mentioned to Jarvis that she seemed to have a habit of getting people closest to her killed and felt that she had mucked everything up. Jarvis then consoled her and told her that those at SSR were fools not to see that she was a good agent.

They then went over to one of Stark’s factories and consulted Dr. Vanko (Costa Ronin) who helped them deduce that Roxxon Oil Refinery was behind the manufacturing of the weaponized Nitramene. After learning that VitaRays were used in making it, she headed back to the records room of SSR and opened up the box labeled Project Rebirth. Upon opening it, she paused for a while, as she saw Steve’s picture, as the entire project was about reanimating him. She then located Dr. Erskine’s VitaRay Callibrator, which she then took. Inside, she was interrupted by Sousa. She then told him that he was one of the lucky ones, as he had only come out of the war with one leg missing.

Meanwhile, at a shady hotel, the man in the Green Suit communicated with his boss via a typewriter. He was then told to complete his mission at all costs, which also meant eliminating Peggy.

Later that night, Peggy infiltrated Roxxon, while Jarvis waited outside. Inside, she saw two men working on the Nitramene. She was then detected as Jarvis radioed her as he had seen a pick up truck enter the building. She blasted one man and ran after the other, who then opened the back of a Daisy Clover Dairy Farm truck to reveal that the back was loaded with Nitramene. The man, Leet Brannis (James Frain), then put a microphone to his voice box, as he had the same tattoo as Colleen’s killer. It turned out that the man in the Green Suit was not his friend and claimed that they were both dead as someone named Leviathan was coming. He then shattered one ball of Nitramene and drove off with the truck. Peggy and Jarvis managed to escape unscathed, save for the plate number of Stark’s car, which was pulled into the blast.

Back at the SSR headquarters, Thompson told the chief that the only lead that they had regarding Spider’s murder was the camera of a high society photographer who might just have been able to photograph the blonde who had been with Spider and who had attacked his bodyguard with a stapler. However, they were interrupted by Sousa who informed them that Roxxon had blown up and that they couldn’t seem to find the building.

That morning, Peggy congratulated Jarvis. Before he left, he informed her that he would check Stark’s files for Leviathan. Before Peggy left, she threatened Angie’s customer who had complained once again and slapped Angie’s bottom.

As she walked to work, Jarvis congratulated Stark on picking Peggy for the job and reassured him that she did not suspect anything at all.

And that was all for the premiere episode of “MARVEL’s Agent Carter” Season 1 Episode 1 “Now Is Not the End.” For more news and updates, including spoilers and recaps, on “MARVEL’s Agent Carter” and other television shows, keep following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Catch “MARVEL’s Agent Carter” every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. on ABC.

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