MARVEL’s Agent Carter Recap: Snafu

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
MARVEL’s Agent Carter Recap: Snafu

MARVEL’s Agent Carter” Season 1 Episode 7 “Snafu” aired last Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In the penultimate episode, Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) tried to convince Chief Dooley (Shea Whigham), Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) and Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj. It was especially after discovering that Dr. Ivchenko (Ralph Brown) wasn’t who he said that he truly was. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a flashback to Russia in 1943 at a military camp. There, a doctor went to him and told him that they had no choice. He told him that his method was too numb a person’s mind so that it could act as some sort of anesthesia as they had to amputate a soldier’s leg so that he would live. He then got into the private’s mind. He allowed him to focus on only one particular happy memory that he had and hypnotized him enough that he didn’t feel any pain when the doctor’s sawed his leg off.

At the Strategic Scientific Reserve headquarters, Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) interrogated Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), who was chained to the desk. She didn’t answer any of his questions, but instead told all of them that they were wasting a lot of time. It was because she knew that a Russian trained assassin, Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) was loose in the city.

On the other side of the interrogation room and two-way mirror, Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) informed them that Strategic Scientific Reserve Agent Yauch had died as he had been hit by a truck. He also didn’t understand why Dr. Ivchenko (Ralph Brown) was there. After telling Strategic Scientific Reserve Chief Dooley (Shea Whigham) that he believed that Peggy was a pathological liar.

Afterward, the three, Thompson, Dooley and Sousa took turns in interrogating Peggy. Dooley was impressed with her and asked her about the Battle of Finnau which she had no idea of. Thompson couldn’t understand her actions as she had saved him in Russia, and knew that she was good, deep down. He then told her to give up Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) to save herself. He also told her that she could admit that she had a relationship with Stark as it looked like she did. Sousa, on the other hand, felt sick, and believed that Stark had brainwashed her into thinking that his inventions had been stolen and asked her to explain the device that they had found in her bag. She refused to say anything about the device. She told them that they had been very sloppy. They hadn’t realized that they had had Dottie within their reach, and they weren’t able to capture her.

Meanwhile, Dottie went to a baby store and bought a carriage and a pink blanket for herself.

Back in the interrogation room, Thompson informed Peggy that the deal that he had mentioned earlier was “off the table”, and told her to talk to them before he started to physically torture her in order to get the answers that they were looking for.

Downstairs, much to the surprise of the girls managing the telephone lines downstairs, Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy) came in. He then told them to contact Dooley with a message that Jarvis was there with Stark’s confession.

Peggy was surprised to see Jarvis when she was brought to the conference room. There, Jarvis presented a signed document, with some of the lawyer’s signatures pending. Peggy was then told that Stark had admitted to faking the theft and to selling the weapons to America’s enemies. Jarvis told them that Stark himself would be arriving in America in a few hours’ time. However, Dooley didn’t honor a particular part of their agreement and told them that they would both remain at the SSR Headquarters until Stark arrived, and when he did, Peggy would no longer be an SSR Agent. She then collected the few personal possessions that she had. Jarvis apologized, and affirmed that the confession had painted her as a “patsy” who had fallen in love with Stark, and who had profited as she was bankrupt. However, Peggy started to become worried. It was after discovering that Jarvis had forged Stark’s signature and had written the confession. He had thought that that would buy them enough time and freedom to clear Stark’s name. Jarvis then apologized to Peggy. This was the only thing that he could think of that would save her, as he couldn’t reach Stark at all.

Meanwhile, Chief Dooley, in an attempt to patch things up with his wife, called her up and told that he would stop by for dinner that night. After he went outside, Peggy noticed that Dr. Ivchenko was tapping the window sill in the Chief’s office as if doing Morse Code. After she wrote it down, Jarvis, who knew Morse Code, realized that Ivchenko was telling the recipient who was most probably in the building opposite to them, to prepare to evacuate. His morse code revealed that something big was going to happen in ninety minutes. Based on this, Peggy believed that Leviathan was coming to the SSR headquarters.

In order to get Dooley, Thompson and Sousa to believe her, she told them the truth about everything, including the fact that the confession that Jarvis had givee them was fake. She then told them that she had managed to investigate all of this on her own. Nobody really paid attention to her unless she was covering the phones, or taking down their lunch orders. She then told them to not trust Dr. Ivchenko, and told them that something big was going to be happening in ninety minutes. Finally, she showed them the device that contained the last of Captain America’s blood. Jarvis and Peggy both told them that Stark had wanted to protect it from the SSR scientists, just in case they wasted his blood in trying recreate the serum. On Peggy’s part, she admitted that she had kept if safe so that she could have another chance at keeping him safe. Outside, because the chief trusted Sousa’s gut and because Sousa believed that she was telling the truth. He told both of them to check out the building opposite of theirs, and decided to stay behind in his office to “babysit” the doctor.

Inside the office, Ivchenko noticed the agents walking to the building where Dottie was after he closed the window, on the chief’s orders. He then hypnotized Dooley to make him believe that he was at home, having dinner with his happy family. Thanks to this, Ivchenko knew that the chief was totally under his control.

Meanwhile, at the opposite building, Thompson told Sousa that he believed Peggy, and told Sousa to shoot to kill if he ever met Dottie, because she was probably more dangerous, and more deadly than that little girl he encountered in Russia. Sousa did run into Dottie at a particular floor, but she managed to get away, and killed an agent, before leaving the building, with Thompson in pursuit.

Back at the SSR, the chief, under the influence of Ivchenko, handcuffed Jarvis and Peggy to the table in the interrogation room, and locked the door. He then ordered everyone out of the laboratory, and helped Ivchenko find Item # 17. Afterwards, they walked to the elevators where Dooley gave Ivchenko the crate and allowed him to leave via the elevator. He then told Dooley that he knew what he had to do, in order to be happy with his family. Outside, he was picked up by Dottie, and told her that they had to test out the item first before doing anything else.

Inside the interrogation room, Jarvis tried to scream for help to no avail. Peggy then decided to use the table to smash the two-way mirror so that they could get out of there. During their first two attempts, Jarvis worried about whether there were people behind the mirror. He was worried that they might have guns with them, but in the end they managed to smash the mirror, only to find Thompson wondering what they were doing. Peggy then told him that they urgently had to look for the chief.

Dooley believed that he was at home, and he kissed his wife, however, he was woken up by the sound of Thompson, Peggy and Jarvis knocking on his office door. When he came too, he realized that he was wearing the vest that Ivchenko had set aside earlier. However, the vest had red orange coils all over, that didn’t seem to be too friendly.

In the other building, Sousa discovered the dead dentist, and opened Dottie’s case. He found the two messages that she had written down. He then discovered that that particular building looked directly into Dooley’s office.

Outside his office, Jarvis informed them that this invention was supposed to be a self-sustaining heating jacket for the military during winter on the front lines in Europe. However, the catch was that the energy source was highly unstable, and overheated easily, which would cause an explosion. He then informed them that there was nothing that anyone could do as it was “impervious” to all external forces. Dooley then told them not to talk to Ivchenko, ever. He told Thompson to apologize to his wife for not making it to dinner, and made Peggy promise to catch Ivchenko soon. He then ran out of the office, and exploded in mid-air, causing the entire SSR bullpen to explode.

Afterwards, Peggy told Jarvis that she blamed herself for everything because she had allowed Ivchenko to trick her to bring him there. However, Jarvis told her that this was the fault of Stark’s inventions. Peggy and the others then rushed to the laboratory, after Peggy realized that Leviathan might have instructed Leet Brannis to steal Steve’s blood. However, as it was still there, they searched all the crates, and discovered that Item # 17 had gone missing. Unfortunately, Jarvis had no idea at all as to what the item did.

Meanwhile, Ivchenko and Dottie put the item to the test. They left it in the baby carriage in a movie house, where Dottie activated it. It poured out a gaseous substance which caused all of the audience members to kill each other.

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