MARVEL’s Agent Carter Recap: The Iron Ceiling

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MARVEL’s Agent Carter Recap: The Iron Ceiling
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“MARVEL’s Agent Carter” Season 1 Episode 5 “The Iron Ceiling” aired last Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015, at 9 PM on ABC. In this episode, after breaking the coded message that Leviathan had sent via the typewriter that the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) was discovered, SSR Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) went on a mission to Russia with SSR Agent Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray), which led them straight to what is known as the old Red Room school where child assassins used to be trained. This mission also allowed Peggy to reunite with the 107th Regiment, more popularly known as the Howling Commandos, as she had enlisted their aid in order to complete their mission. Meanwhile, back in New York, Strategic Scientific Reserve Chief Roger Dooley (Shea Whigham) tried to search for the truth as to what truly happened in the Battle of Finnau, while SSR Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) came closer to finding out the truth about Peggy. Meanwhile, Peggy’s roommate Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) was revealed to be a Russian assassin, determined to find out more about Peggy. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began in 1937, in a Russian boarding school where little girls were handcuffed to their beds while they slept. There, they repeated the dialogue of Snow White verbatim while watching the movie, and engaged in training exercises in which they were encouraged to kill each other. The scene shifted to the present day, in New York in 1946, where Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) woke up and began to exercise before going out for breakfast.

She decided to eat breakfast at the Automat diner with SSR Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), who seemed distracted while she asked for advice as to how to tour New York. Peggy then suggested that she go to Brooklyn and talk to the people there, as the only way to truly appreciate what the Statue of Liberty stood for was to get to know the people, as the citizens of America were the ones who best imbued this spirit. While she said this, she tore up Edwin Jarvis’ (James D’Arcy) calling card. Dottie then made Peggy’s bag fall on purpose so that she could steal the keys to her room.

On her way to work, she bumped into Howard Stark’s (Dominic Cooper) butler, Jarvis, who continued to apologize for what Stark had done to her, and begged her to continue to help Stark out. However, she refused to do so and went to work.

At the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) , Peggy discovered that everyone was in an uproar as the typewriter had suddenly typed a message in code. After looking at the code, she realized that the message was in Russian. The first line had a set of coordinates which led them to Belarus. It then went on to say that Leviathan was going to purchase something from Howard Stark in two days’ time with the value of $100,000. After Chief Dooley (Shea Whigham) instructed SSR Agent Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) to lead a team to Belarus, Peggy asked the Chief if she could go too since she knew the European terrain well, how to speak Russian and how to crack Leviathan’s code. At first, he was reluctant to allow her to go; but after she was able to get the 107th Regiment, the famous Howling Commandos, as their tactical team, he allowed her to go.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Peggy decided to change in the men’s locker room as she did not want to gear up in the lady’s room downstairs which was a public bathroom. SSR Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) then came in to give Thompson several maps of the area. Thompson tricked Sousa to go over to the side where Peggy was changing. Before he left, apologizing to Peggy, he noticed that Peggy had a particular scar on the back of her right shoulder.

On the plane, before they jumped out into the Polish border, Peggy noticed that Thompson was nervous about jumping out as he had never really jumped out of a plane before. Afterwards, they met up with the Howling Commandos, which was comprised of Junior Juniper (James Austin Kerr), Pinky Pinkerton (Richard Short), Happy Sam Sawyer (Leonard Roberts) and Dum-Dum Dugan (Neal McDonough). Dugan then advised them that they should change their route into Russia by going through Lithuania, and showed them two military jeeps they brought along with them.

On the way there, Dugan and Peggy shared some bourbon with each other, and Dugan told Peggy that he also missed Captain America. Peggy then told Dugan that the SSR believed that Stark was selling technology to the enemies of the United States, but she and him both knew that Stark would never do that.

Back in New York, at the office, Sousa realized that the blonde woman that had been photographed at Raymond Spider’s club was Peggy, as the back right shoulders looked the same and both women had the same scar.

Meanwhile, Chief Dooley met up with a friend of his, who told him that he had written a piece about the Battle of Finnau for The Times, but the story was never run as his editor had killed it right away. He then informed Dooley that Stark had gone there to help clean up the mess and that while he was there, he had a fist fight with General John McGinnis, who had recently just passed away. After that particular incident, McGinnis resigned and Stark cut all ties with the military and left behind a military contract that was worth seven figures.

Meanwhile, in Lithuania, everyone shared stories by the camp fire. Because of this, Peggy took the opportunity to ask Thompson what he had done in Japan to merit a Navy Cross. He then told them that in 1945, he had fallen asleep when he was supposed to be on night watch, and had woken up to find six Japanese soldiers creeping into their camp. After he saw them kill his fellow soldiers, he had snapped and shot all of them dead.

The next day, they managed to find the abandoned Red Room facility but found it strange that no one was there for the buy. They then infiltrated the building in two groups of four, as Peggy had suggested, since there was more safety in numbers.

Inside, they discovered a classroom with a projector that showed American cartoons. However, Peggy discovered that embedded into the slides were the words “Instill Fear.”

Meanwhile, at The Griffith, Dottie broke into Peggy’s room and searched the entire room for anything hidden. She found Peggy’s hidden jewelry box, pictures on the typewriter and Stark’s devices. She then went to the dressing table where she looked at Steve Rogers’ picture and the Sweet Dreams lipstick and mimicked Peggy’s voice. Afterwards, she placed some string onto Peggy’s door latch so that she would be able to get in without a key next time.

Back in Russia, Peggy’s team entered a room full of children’s beds with handcuffs on them. They had entered because they heard a little girl’s crying. Dugan then approached her, but as soon as he looked away for a second, the girl stabbed him and shot Juniper dead before escaping into the ventilation shaft. As soon as Thompson and his team came to help them out, Peggy suggested that Dugan, Pinky and Martinez find an exit, while everyone else went with her to explore the building so that they could find Stark and whoever was framing him to be a traitor.

Back in New York, Dooley approached Jarvis and mentioned that he had learned about Stark’s past with General John McGinnis. He then gave Jarvis his number and told him to tell Stark that he wanted to hear Stark’s side of the story.

Back in the Russian facility, Peggy and Thompson found a prison cell, where a psychologist named Dr. Ivchenko (Ralph Brown) and his patient, an engineering genius named Nikolai (Alex Veadov), were being kept. It turned out that they were being made to work on a photonic amplifier based on a design they claimed to have been stolen from Stark. However, before they could say anything else, they were warned by Sam and SSR Agent Li (Eddie Shin) to go since Leviathan’s men had discovered them. They then broke the two out of their cell, and a shoot out occurred. In the process, Agent Li was killed, and Sam was held hostage by Nikolai, in exchange for his and Dr. Ivchenko’s safe escape. However, Nikolai was stopped by the doctor, who ended up shooting him. Peggy then called for Thompson to help, but he ended up freezing up instead. At that moment, Dugan blasted his way through a wall so that they could all escape. Peggy then jolted Thompson to his senses and was the last one to get to the truck, as she gave them enough cover so that they could all get out.

Before they left, Dugan offered Peggy a spot on their team and gave her a nickname — Miss Union Jack — but she refused as she had to go back to the SSR so that she could convince them that Stark was innocent. She also brought Dr. Ivchenko with her, who wanted to help them to catch Leviathan.

On the plane, Thompson felt bad that he had frozen up, but Peggy reassured him that what really mattered was the fact that he had snapped out of it. Thompson then admitted to Peggy that he had not told the entire truth about what had happened to him in Japan. He then told her that he had realized too late that those Japanese soldiers who had walked into their camp had just wanted to surrender. He had hid the white flag of surrender they were carrying, and admitted that he felt like he was living a lie and had wanted to tell the true story for the longest time since he had come back from the war. Peggy then assured him that now, he was able to do it.

Back at the SSR, Chief Dooley wasn’t happy that they didn’t have the blueprints of Stark’s invention or Stark. Peggy then told him that she believed that Stark was innocent, but Thompson believed that he had sold the blueprint to Leviathan. Before Peggy left the Chief’s office, he congratulated her on a job well done.

Outside, Sousa congratulated Peggy on a job well done. However, he remained conflicted as he was sure that Peggy was the blonde woman in the photograph that they had been looking for.

Meanwhile, Peggy was pleasantly surprised when Thompson invited her to go out drinking with them, as it seemed that now, he treated her like an equal, especially since she had saved his neck in Russia.

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