Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap: A Fractured House

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap: A Fractured House
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“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” Season 2 Episode 6 “A Fractured House” aired last Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014, at 9:00 PM on ABC. In this episode, an attack on the United Nations by HYDRA mercenaries posing as SHIELD agents caused Brigadier General Glenn Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) and Grant Ward’s (Brett Dalton) older brother, Senator Christian Ward (Tim de Kay), to lead the fight against SHIELD by proposing an Anti-SHIELD bill. The entire team then races against time to figure out how to stop the bill from pushing through and to stop HYDRA from their next attack. Meanwhile, Leo Fitz (Iain de Caestecker) dealt with his emotions regarding Jemma Simmons’ (Elizabeth Henstridge) return, and Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) and his ex- wife, Agent Bobbi Morse (Adrienne Palicki), tried to stay civil as they accompanied Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Brigadier General Glenn Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) giving speech at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. He told the different delegations that they should not have put their faith in SHIELD as they had taken advantage of the people’s trust in them and used it for their own benefit. As the Italian delegation started to speak, they were interrupted by armed men, who wore the SHIELD crest on them and threw bombs that when imbedded in a person, he or she disintegrates. He then told Talbot that SHIELD was “done hiding.”

On the bus, Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) and Skye (Chloe Bennet) watched as Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) exercised in his cell. Simmons revealed that she had watched him before he had left and did not know how Skye gathered up the courage to talk and to interrogate Grant after everything that he did to them. However, Skye told her that she was glad that she was still alive.

Because of the news of the attack on the United Nation, SHIELD Director Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) instructed Skye and Agent Antoine Triplett (B.J. Britt) to monitor government channels closely. He then revealed that HYDRA was responsible for the attacks, as Daniel Whitehall (Reed Diamond) wanted to make it seem that SHIELD was the enemy. Agent Barbara “Bobbi” Morse (Adrienne Palicki) then informed Coulson that an assassin named Marcus Scarlotti, a HYDRA mercenary, was the one who had attacked the United Nations, and Simmons remembered seeing the design of the bombs in one of the HYDRA laboratory files. It was filed under HYDRA’s demolition expert, Toshiro Mori, who Bobbi knew. Coulson then instructed Simmons to look for any other leads in her hard drive with HYDRA projects, while a surprised Bobbi was told that she would be joining Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) and Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) on a mission to get the rest of the bombs and to find out the next target from Toshiro Mori in Okinawa.

Meanwhile, Talbot met with Senator Christian Ward (Tim de Kay), who chastised him, as he had given him funding in order to stop SHIELD from gaining the upper hand. He then decided to take control of the situation but was concerned when he learned that Talbot knew that his younger brother, Grant, was a member of HYDRA. He then declared on television that in the emergency United Nations session, he would be proposing an Anti-SHIELD bill, which would utilize a multinational police force with the power to get rid of anyone affiliated with SHIELD. However, the Belgian foreign minister, Julian Beckers, did not like this idea and openly said so.

Skye then told Coulson that she would talk to Grant to get more information on his brother, while Coulson instructed Agent Walters and her team in the Netherlands to “go dark.”

At the cell, Grant warned her to stay away from Christian, as he was manipulative and could not be trusted. He also told her to remember the story that he had told her about the well and that he “always has an angle.” He then told her that she could trust him, as he had proved that he had been telling the truth about her father. Because Skye revealed that she knew that her father was a murderer, Ward realized that she had found him and repeated his promise that he could bring her to him. At that point, Coulson came in and severed their connection.

At the laboratory, Simmons asked for some help from Fitz to fix her hard drive, which had been damaged when she escaped from HYDRA. However, the air between them was still a little tentative and awkward.

Before arriving in Okinawa, Bobbi and Lance had a hard time staying civil towards each other. When they got there, they decided to go with their plan B — to have Bobbi talk to Toshiro, even if her HYDRA cover might have been blown. Lance then became a little bit uncomfortable with the plan, as Bobbi kissed Toshiro on the lips.

While Bobbi and Toshiro waited for their tea to steep, she discovered that Daniel Whitehall had given the specifications of the bomb to Toshiro, as it had been an old HYDRA design. She also discovered that the next target was Julian Beckers and that somebody, who was now currently working with HYDRA had given Whitehall the Diviner or the Obelisk. However, as her cover had been blown via a new HYDRA directive to eliminate her, Lance and May came to her rescue. They then succeeded in defeating  Toshiro’s men and informed Coulson of the threat to Beckers. However, Bobbi was annoyed at Lance, who had saved her, as she said that she could have handled it by herself. Coulson then realized that if Beckers was eliminated, then everyone else would agree with Senator Ward’s proposal.

Meanwhile, Simmons could not find anything at all in her hard drive. She then noticed that Fitz was looking at some backlogged files, and he struggled to tell her why he believed it to be important. However, he got annoyed, as she kept on interrupting him and could not seem to understand what he was trying to say. She then told him that she was just trying not to treat him differently, but Fitz told her that she could not accept the fact that he was different now. He also then told her that he felt that she had left him because she had given up on him. Simmons, then decided to leave the laboratory for a while, as she could not handle her emotions.

Coulson then paid a visit to Senator Christian Ward and told him that he had made some changes to the speech that he had prepared for the emergency United Nations session. He then informed him that he had Grant, and because of this, he believed that they would be able to come up with a compromise regarding his proposal. Christian then told Coulson that Grant was a liar and that none of the stories Grant told were true, as it was Grant who had bullied their younger brother and had told their parents that he was the one who had done it.

Back at Grant’s cell, Grant told Skye that his older brother was worse than him and revealed to Skye that HYDRA had found her and her mother in the Hunan province when she was a baby. The entire village had been torn apart by her father, who had snapped when he learned that his family had been taken away from him. Ever since then, he had been trying to reunite with her, and Grant promised her that he could take her to him. After thanking him for that information, she revealed that he was going to be transferred into his brother’s custody. Later, Coulson visited Grant and told him that there would be no way that he could ever be part of his team again after everything that had happened and that he was no longer of use to them. Grant then told Coulson that he had realized that Christian would put him on trial and then execute him just in time for the midterm elections so that he could gain favor and sympathy from the public. Coulson then revealed that that was exactly what Christian had been thinking of doing, so the two of them might actually have something in common.

At the laboratory, Simmons came across Alphonso “Mac” Mackenzie (Henry Simmons) and Fitz, who were working together. They then discovered that the design of the bombs that HYDRA had been using were designed by Beckers’ grandfather in the '40s. This made them realize that they had been played. It turned out that HYDRA’s plan was to make the SHIELD agents believe that Belgium was a safe haven for them, and when they got there, they would be taken out by Marcus and his men. This was confirmed when they discovered that travel records showed that Whitehall and Beckers had been meeting up with each other for some time.

At the Burge safe house, Agent Walters and her team were taken down. Lance then came in to distract Marcus and his men, which gave May and Bobbi enough time to enter the safe house. May defeated Marcus upstairs, while Lance saved Bobbi several times while fighting off the other mercenaries. Afterwards, Lance packed up his belongings and told Bobbi that he did not want to stand in her way of being a SHIELD agent. However, she told him that he was welcome to stay if he wanted to. Later on, Talbot informed them that they had picked up Beckers, who was trying to escape at the border, and captured Marcus.

Back on the bus, Simmons thanked Mac for being a good friend to Fitz. He then told her that he wasn’t helping Fitz, as he did not need any help, and told her it seemed like Fitz became worse when she was around. She told him that she had known that and that was precisely why she had left.

The entire team then saw Grant off as he was being escorted to the transport vehicle. As he walked by them, Simmons threatened to kill him if he ever showed up in front of her again.

Meanwhile, Christian gave his speech to the emergency United Nations session. There, he revealed that he supported SHIELD and that “HYDRA was a problem that SHIELD had to face.” He also revealed that his younger brother was part of HYDRA and that he would make sure that he would be punished for his crimes.

However, while he was being transported, Grant broke his thumb in order to escape from his handcuffs, and knocked out the guards who were escorting him.

The next scene then showed a man at a tattoo parlor, where he guided the tattooist in tattooing the alien writing, which both Garrett and Coulson wrote, on his body.

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