MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD Recap: The Things We Bury

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD Recap: The Things We Bury
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“MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD” Season 2 Episode 8 “The Things We Bury“  aired on Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. In this episode, SHIELD Director Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg), Agent Skye (Chloe Bennett), Agent Antoine “Trip” Triplett (B.J. Britt) and Leo Fitz (Iain de Castecker) went to Hawaii and Australia in order to gain access to a satellite that would help them find the city that they were looking for. However, while they were doing that, they met someone unexpected. Meanwhile, back at SHIELD headquarters, in the process of questioning Mr. Bakshi (Simon Kassianides), Agent Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse (Adrianne Palicki) and the rest of the team discovered who Daniel Whitehall (Diamond Reed) really was. Moreover, in this episode, a little glimpse of Skye’s origins were revealed. Elsewhere, rogue SHIELD agent and HYDRA agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) confronted his older brother, Senator Christian Ward (Tim de Kay), about the truth on what really happened at the well many years ago. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened in Austria in 1945, where Werner Reinhardt (Diamond Reed) interrogated a couple of Chinese scientists regarding the Obelisk. He then discovered one woman who did not seem to be affected by the Obelisk, unlike the other man who turned into stone. Instead, the Obelisk glowed. Because of this, he decided to lock her up so that he could experiment on her as discovery requires experimentation. However, he was not able to do anything as he and his men had to leave suddenly, as he discovered that the Red Skull had fallen.

In the present, Daniel Whitehall (Diamond Reed), who was disappointed in his researchers, decided to bring in the Doctor, Skye’s father, who claimed to be an expert on the Obelisk. He told Whitehall that the Obelisk was really called the Diviner, as it could “divine” those who were worthy of touching it, which meant that they were worthy of its true power. He also told Whitehall that if one of those chosen few would bring it to a special place, it would do something way much cooler.  

On the bus, Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) reported to SHIELD Director Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) that Agent Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse (Adrianne Palicki) was still questioning Mr. Bakshi (Simon Kassianides), Whitehall’s right-hand man, who had been captured by rogue SHIELD agent and HYDRA agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton), who was currently being looked for by his older brother, Senator Christian Ward (Tim deKay). Coulson, who was on his way to Oahu, Hawaii, told Agent Skye (Chloe Bennett), Agent Antoine “Trip” Triplett (B.J. Britt) and Leo Fitz (Iain de Castecker) that he was planning on beating HYDRA to the alien city that the map and the Obelisk was leading them towards.

At the SHIELD headquarters,  Alphonso “Mac” Mackenzie (Henry Simmons), Lance Hunter (Nick Blood) and Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) watched as Bobbi questioned Mr. Bakshi. As they watched, Simmons could not understand at how she could sit across from Bakshi, with the knowledge that he had tried to kill her before.

In the interrogation room, Bobbi made Bakshi doubt if he had been brainwashed by HYDRA like the others. However, he insisted that he had not been brainwashed and revealed to her that Whitehall had been a disciple of the Red Skull and that he had shared his vision, which made them realize that Bakshi had inadvertently revealed that Whitehall had some connection to the Red Skull. Bakshi made it sound like Whitehall had been influenced by the Red Skull and the Obelisk first hand. As the new SHIELD headquarters used to be an old SSR Base, they decided to search the entire place for any clues on Whitehall and the Red Skull.

Meanwhile, Senator Christian Ward (Tim deKay) was ambushed by his younger brother, Grant Ward (Brett Dalton), who tied up his hands and forced him to walk with him in the nearby forest.  

As soon as they arrived in Oahu, Coulson gave the team their instructions. Skye was to deliver a watch to a watch repair shop and ask the owner to put an inscription on it, which specifically specified that the watch belonged to a certain Darren. She was told that if it started to leak, drop it and run. Trip was to deliver a button to a dry cleaner and was instructed to pick up a blue tie from there. They were then told to get going, as they had to be in the air in 40 minutes. Coulson then instructed Fitz to practice installing a transceiver under six minutes. Fitz argued that he had only one good hand to perform his task. Coulson then told him that that was precisely the reason why he had to practice it over and over again so that it would become muscle memory.

Back at the headquarters, Bobbi revealed to Hunter that she was more disturbed about Whitehall, as she could not figure him out. Upstairs, in Coulson’s office, Simmons told May that she had found a file on a certain Werner Reinhardt, one of the Red Skull’s commanders, that was written by SHIELD founder and SSR Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell). It said that Reinhardt and the Obelisk had been captured in 1945, but most of the important files were missing. May, however, revealed a secret vault with secret SSR files that they could look through.  

The scene then flash backed to 1945, at the SSR base called The Rat, where SSR Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) met Reinhardt for the first time. He then told her that he wanted a deal with her, as he was one of the only people who could properly explain to them what all the artifacts they had found on him were, especially as he could help save humanity. He then told her about a story from the East that said that some blue angels had come from the sky and had given humanity a gift (the Obelisk) that would save them. However, he revealed that the blue angels had come to Earth to conquer it.

In the present day, the doctor (Kyle MacLachlan), Skye’s father, corrected him and told him that those blue angels wanted to end mankind, with the exception of a chosen few which the Obelisk or the Diviner deemed worthy, as only someone holding it could enter the temple, which he could get Whitehall in. He then told Whitehall that he was not interested in gaining power from the Diviner, as he only wanted revenge on those who killed his family.

Meanwhile, Grant forced Christian through the nearby forest, where they confronted each other. Christian insisted that he was blameless. However, Grant told him that he would not fall for his manipulation and tricks again and told him that he took after their mother, who had tortured them as children. Grant then said that he did take responsibility for all that he had done and wanted Christian to take responsibility for what happened at the well before. Christian insisted that Grant was the one who had forced their brother, Thomas, into the well, and that the well had been destroyed by their parents. Grant then handed him a shovel, to uncover the well, which their parents had not destroyed, but buried.

On the bus, Fitz was frustrated as he could not seem to install the transceiver in under six minutes with one good hand. Coulson then revealed to them that they were going to go to Australia and told Fitz to keep on practicing as they had to steal a satellite network within a short amount of time.  

Back at the SHEILD Headquarters, Hunter found the file of Dr. Reinhardt. However, when Simmons took a look at the file, she realized that Reinhardt was Daniel Whitehall in the flesh. They then marveled at the fact that Whitehall looked so young.

The scene then flash backed to The Rat in 1945. Agent Peggy Carter told Reinhardt that they would be locking him away for life. After 40 years, in 1989, he was released due to some budget cuts. That was the first time that Bakshi had ever met Reinhardt, as he himself was the one who wheeled Reinhardt out of his prison, after greeting him with the HYDRA words “Hail, HYDRA!” He then brought him to Austria, where they had discovered the woman that he had imprisoned years ago. Bakshi then explained that they, like the woman, had been protected by SHIELD. Reinhardt was ecstatic, especially after learning that the woman had not aged at all and decided that the experimentation would begin on her.

Back in the present day, Simmons realized that Reinhardt had disappeared that same year and somehow transformed himself into Daniel Whitehall. While they weren’t looking, Hunter gave Reinhardt’s file to Bobbi so that she could finally break Baskhi.

Inside the holding cell, she was able to strike a nerve after she realized that Bakshi was most afraid of disappointing Whitehall. She then told him that he had given them enough information to realize who Whitehall really was and asked him if he thought that Whitehall would give him a second chance. He then told her that he was a loyal man, then bit his cheek, where a cyanide capsule had been hidden and dropped to the floor with his mouth foaming.

At the woods, Grant tried to force Christian to admit to pushing Thomas down the well. However, Christian kept on insisting that Grant had done it. However, Grant told him that he wouldn’t anymore fall for that old trick of Christian’s, in which he convinced Grant that Christian’s thoughts were his. After Christian had hit something hard, Grant reached down and opened the cover of the well. Christian then tried to escape, but Grant caught him and forced him to look down the well and threatened to throw him in. Finally, Christian broke down and admitted that he wanted to hurt Thomas as he was the only one that their mother did not torture, and he had wanted her to feel their pain. However, he didn’t have the courage to do it himself. He then apologized to Grant and sobbed in front of him. Grant then hugged him and supported him as they walked back to their house.

Meanwhile, Coulson and his team arrived at Australia. He then explained that they were there as the satellite mapping station in Hawaii had been too heavily guarded to infiltrate. He then explained that the button and the watch were two pieces of a Trojan horse that when placed near each other would create an EMP that would short circuit the entire Oahu station. When that happened, the system in Australia, the back-up system would come online. This would be able to happen as the owners of the watch and button would be meeting up at the Oahu station that day. As it took six minutes for the Australian site to go online, Fitz would have to be able to install the transceiver in that period of time for them to be able to steal their signal and hack their network so that they would be able to locate the match for the alien city on the bus. Fitz then revealed that his worst time so far was seven minutes and 20 seconds and assured Coulson that he would be able to finish the job. Coulson then instructed Skye to be on standby in the bus, while Coulson and Trip would provide cover for Fitz.

When they entered, they found it a little bit strange as it was too quiet. After a while, they lost contact with Skye as something was jamming their communication devices and realized a little bit too late that they had walked right into a HYDRA trap. Fitz then untied the crew who were bundled up in a corner. Coulson then told Trip to stay with Fitz so that he could get the crew to safety.

Afterwards, as soon as Coulson got back to them, Trip was hit by a bullet, then a doctor, Skye’s father, came up to them and told them that he could help them as he was a doctor. He then told Coulson that he had to get the bullet out, despite Coulson’s objections to stabilize him first. Afterwards, he slipped up and called Coulson “Phil,” which made Coulson realize that the doctor was Skye’s father. However, Coulson decided to give him their guns so that he would be able to continue trying to save Trip’s life, while Fitz continued patching in the transceiver. While he and Coulson treated Trip, Skye’s father revealed to Coulson that he was just using Whitehall and that he had been the one who had nudged Whitehall into the direction of the city. He also revealed that Whitehall had no idea of what exactly he was looking for. He then told Coulson that he found it exciting that both HYDRA and SHIELD were in a race to find the city, and he knew that in the end, he would be able to meet his baby girl, who would be in the middle of everything. Coulson then let him escape after he gave them instructions on what to do. Together with Fitz, who had finished patching in the transceiver, they were able to save Trip.

On the bus, Skye was relieved when they finally got access to the system and started using it to map the earth for the city.

The scene then flash backed to Austria in 1989. It turned out that he had used every part of the woman in order to transform himself into the younger Daniel Whitehall and instructed Baskhi to dispose of her remains.

Back at the SHIELD headquarters, Hunter confronted Bobbi about the fact that she had pushed Bakshi, who had been stabilized, too hard. They then started to argue, as Hunter told Bobbi that he found it hard to trust her sometimes as she was a spy, and Bobbi revealed that all the angles end with him, which is why she had vouched for him to Coulson. He then revealed to her that he would never trust her, but he would never stop wanting to. Because of this, they kissed and rekindled their love for each other.

Meanwhile, back at HYDRA headquarters, Grant met with Whitehall and told him that his services could be of use to him, which Whitehall did not doubt, especially after the news that Senator Christian Ward had committed suicide and had murdered his parents in a fire, with only a tape left in which he had admitted to wanting a brother of his dead.

On the bus, Skye told Fitz and Coulson that all they had to do now was to wait for the computer to tell them that they had found a match. However, she couldn’t understand why they both seemed so scared, and out of it, as they were acting like they saw the devil out there. After they both looked at her, the computer signaled that it had found a match for the city.  

Afterwards,the doctor met up with Whitehall, who introduced Grant to him as an expert on SHIELD, especially as he had been with Coulson’s team before. Grant then told him that he knew that he had crossed Coulson recently. However, while glancing briefly at Whitehall, the doctor told them that it had not been a great loss, as it’s always good to look your enemy in the eye.   

The scene then flashed back to 25 years ago, around 1989, where he found the mutilated body of the woman that Whitehall had experimented on. He then cradled her, cried and told his “love” that he would find the person who did that to her and that he would do to him what he did to her and promised to tear him apart.

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